Baby-friendly offseason

Baby-friendly offseason

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Perhaps surprising, but even better with the baby in the off-season, as the time is slightly lighter, just pleasant, the bustle is smaller and less baby-friendly. It also makes parents feel more comfortable because they can pay more attention to the peak.

Domestic tips

Even in Hungary, a couple of years ago in September is around 30 degrees Celsius when planning a vacation in the country, well, if you have a plan B in our country. It is best, of course, that the chosen holiday destination provides programs for the family in less time.

Kid-friendly tomato in the offseason: Gyenesdiab

Although Gyenesdias may seem a bit more distant destination on the shore of Lake Balaton, it is still worth a visit. There are plenty of family-friendly, baby-friendly hotels, boarding houses, campsites, numerous apartments and guest houses on offer. Most have a playground in the yard, often with a children's pool. According to a survey by balatontipp.hu, the Great Gambling beach is ranked first in 35 locations. Very clean, lots of umbrellas, instincts, sandy beach, lots of activities.
You can also take a bike ride on the Lake Balaton, which in the off-season is not negligible, and can be rented at the Tourinform office in Gyenesdias. There are no high elevations, but given the settlement's position, every corner has another view of Lake Balaton, and it is worth it!
With kids in the restaurant? The answer to this question in Gyenesdias is yes. Most restaurants have menus, feeders, playgrounds outside, playgrounds inside, so you still have the chance to dive into the coffee for two minutes: you are on vacation.

Secret to you near Pécs

Pécs is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the country, with an undeniably Mediterranean feel. Here, even in the coldest winter, it is warmer by two degrees than elsewhere, so it can be counted as a bit warmer in the late season.
The fairy-tale Orfы is 14 kilometers from Pecs, in the Mecsek. Three artificial lakes can be found in the village, one of them has been transformed into a sandy beach for a couple of years, and the lake is considered to be the safest water in Baranya County. From the sandy shore, enthusiastic toddlers can walk almost to the middle with the help of parents. Real Canaan for toddlers. And if there was no crack in the heat, you could ride the lake around the lake and admire the fantastic scenery. And if you're looking for a little hustle and bustle, you can drive to Pecs in 20 minutes by car, where, in addition to the countless attractions in the recently opened Zsolnay Quarter, fantastic kids' programs catch the little and the bigger. Click Here!


A holiday abroad is usually more expensive, and with a baby you should think twice about going a long way, even though you've tried it for a while, you don't tend to hesitate to do it again. It can be a great annoyance if it is raining on the selected vacation spot that week. Mills like this cannot be completely eliminated - but let's just say, there is no guarantee this season - it's worthwhile to study the weather forecasts of previous years on international meteorological sites.

Achievable favorite

Of course, Croatia. In the off season, you don't have to worry about the weather at all, we can book your reservations by September. If you go with smaller babies, you don't have to worry about finding a sandy beach, as they usually have a small swimming pool that can be comfortably placed under the parasol. With the baby you can already visit, it is more worth hunting for sandy beaches, Veli Losinj can be a great destination for a couple of trips, for a bit more traveling we have a fantastic sandy beach and a cozy little town. The well-advised Medulin, the fast-approaching, and divine coastline of Hungary.
Further sandy beaches:
Zambratia, Opatija, Malinska, Crikvenica, Lopar and Supetarska Draga, Island of Pag, Nin, Biographical Line, Asman and Island of Ugljan, Omis


In general, Greece cannot be ignored. With the sun setting, the sea blue, lots of sandy beaches, and travel agencies starting to offer off-season deals in August. If you are not so faithful, you can visit the wonderful cities within a day without having to worry about the family getting sunshine.

Bulgaria Reserved

Many people are afraid of this new vacation, but wisely. Bulgaria is the ultimate baby and kid friendly resort. Its beaches are sandy, and its cleanliness is of a Western European standard. The beach is usually full of families with small children. The most popular destination nowadays is the fully populated Sunny Beach, where the off-season vacation is more justified, as it is now the most frequented holiday destination, in the high season (ene) should be counted, but in the off-season it is also worth it. If we are a little more adventurous, we can also look for smaller villages, and we are guaranteed to be greedy. With foreign language skills in smaller towns, do not really count whoever has it, take Russian education, it goes the most.

Extra tips when planning your holiday season:

If you are planning a break in the off season, it is not easy to have all the friendly friends pack up and go on vacation. Think about it, when they are back home, you will only start there! However, summer in the city has to end somehow. If it is possible, organize a group of friends with friends. For the little ones, there is also an inflatable swimming pool. Try to combine a couple of "mini-holidays". If Dad is able to take out the money, they can all go to the nearest pit and the family can be together for a while.


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