This is the Vidm Park Park street

This is the Vidm Park Park street

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In spring, the Holocaust Blood, formerly the Zoo's former economic yard, opens in front of the community.

Here's the Vidm Park Park utda (photo: Budapest Zoo)Scheduled to open to the public in the spring, the Blessed Blood - said Michael Persbs, Director General of the Zoo Garden and Ministerial Commissioner for Green Developers at the Liget Budapest Project, which was viewed by Inforbud. It will include the Hytpruba Palace, the Cobblestone Court with the craftsmen, the stables, the Blood Garden, the pine collar, the Nyihangárr riding hall. Schäftner's Upgrade and Upgrade will be located here. However, the Corvinus is not a meeting point, it belongs to Pannon Park. Its price is 32.7 billion HUF. The cost of animals and plants is not included in this cost. The opening is scheduled for 2019.Related articles in this article:
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