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Don't tell him "don't cry," try them out instead!

Don't tell him "don't cry," try them out instead!

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What do you say to your child when he or she starts to growl or cries? You probably also respond immediately, "Don't shit!" But what really happens when you get sick?

What do you tell her if there's something wrong?

Nobody likes your child to cry, even though it is an act of encouragement for the part, the cure for your body to regain its inner whiteness - Huffingtonpost. , give it to you in the form of a jerk or trembling. This is how our body is freed from negative sensation. Therefore, it is superfluous to tell our child "don't cry." Instead, try to keep your child calm. It doesn't matter if you cry, if you cant, after all so let go of the tension that you have burned. Listen to him and help him clear his senses. How? The following 20 tips will help!Generally relaxed sentences:
1. I'm here with you.
2. I think you're angry.
3. I'm sorry, I know it's very difficult for you right now.
4. I'll be here as long as you're upset.
5. I'm not going anywhere.
6. You are safer.
7. Nothing is more important now than just being here with you.
8. I'm sorry that your ice cream has dropped.
9. Listen, sweetheart.Sentences referring to the thing that was selected for the bath:
10. I know you really wanted that game.
11. She was scared of what I was screaming for the dog.
12. Let me see once again where you hit yourself!If you are pushing your boundaries (you will probably be opposed, but hold on):
13. I can't let you ... play with my glasses / try your brother once more.
14. I want you to wear your socks / finish your lesson now.When you put something on display (you probably won't get the answer you want, but keep it):
15. You can get chocolate again later.
16. I know you can do it anyway.
17. Mom will come back soon.
18. I know you're going to feel good.
19. This party will be perfect as well.
20. Think of what you are feeling. Things to avoid:
  • Branding: Festival List.
  • Diversion: Let's go see what Dad is doing?
  • Permission: I know you want ice cream, let's go to the store!
  • Guidance: You got some ice cream yesterday.
  • Remedy: This is a very annoying sound that you are making out of yourself.
  • Reward or punishment: If you don't stop, we'll go home!
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