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Mother and Consciousness - Not everything goes at the same time

Mother and Consciousness - Not everything goes at the same time

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Themes are a requirement in the child-rearing-housekeeping-work-woman fairy tale. Question marks, exams, self-mutilation, what and where it went wrong, what could be better in the immediate vicinity. Perhaps you also feel that it never ends: the maternal consciousness mind is filled with thousands of factors.

I yelled at him? Get the stone out! Did I give him biscuits instead of superfood? Get the whip! Did I go back to work another year? Boil water on the bald! Haven't I worn it every day for early development, cell music chicks and playwrights? Take care of myself! Did I get bored, what more, didn't I play with it long after an awakening night? What kind of mother is this? Do you blame yourself on something you should do every other day? It runs through your mind so many times that, twenty years later, you might be psychologically overlooked because of your child going to therapy for you. In my livelier moments, or after a harder circle of self-knowledge, the question pops in: do our mothers and grandmothers dig into everything? The thoughts of three experts will help you to get a little mixed with the spirit of consciousness.

Not a personal task

- The development of psychological science in the 19th and 20th centuries has certainly played a central role in the current state of consciousness of motherhood. century, followed by the appearance of child psychology and developmental psychology. These sciences have created a whole new set of concepts and approaches that have become the mother tongue of every mother. At no time in the past has it been a basic idea for a parent to raise an emotionally balanced child - he explains Rice Anna filozуfus. She adds that she has a child, and she has emotional and other needs, and in no way does one need to meet all these needs with the mother; - The mother is recording exactly that parenting is not a one-person job.The currency is that mothers are left by society.
According to social conviction, maternal care, patience and substance are never an exhaustive resource. There is no exhaustion, no desire, no unexpected tragedy that a mother could not - understand: she should not - be able to cope with smiling and calm. This is a very malicious fiction because it awakens guilt in women when their energies are consumed and they are feeling impatient, angry, bitter - he says Anna, who is a mother of two with herself.Parenting is not a personal task

Anna's solution

- There need to be secure spaces where we can talk without fear, because others do not stamp. In this part, we launched the "How are you?" conversations across the country. The project aims to find out more about how women feel about themselves here and now in Hungary. What are the challenges they face? Who's asking for help and bloodshed? What can they do to solve their hardships? What's going on, what's wrong? Such and similar questions are discussed in small group conversations, the results of which are then processed in a research section. But honesty is not enough: , neither our narrower family, nor our couple, have a sense of responsibility to help our children grow up in a balanced way. Do not give each other tips on how to stay alive and care for your baby after two hours of sleep, but dare to say that it is unsustainable, non-human and not really expecting a mother to live sustainably. Together, it may be easier to realize that the fault is not ours, and we may also begin to think about how a more cohesive society would look.

We want everything at once, but it doesn't work

- Childhood in the life of most people is a crisis that we call normative, that is, we are most exposed to it. The child (ren) begins a series of new tasks and challenges that move our lives in unprecedented ways - begin to dissect the task Papp Zsuzsanna psychology.For the past there were family patterns for these rearrangements, multi-generational family families have undergone changes in each other's life phases, while today the young adult age group is the largest. Instead of a sample, we've seen dozens or even more valid examples around us. What principle should we follow? What am I doing, what am I doing? Even though we're not two, even though we are questioning our choices, we want everything at once - and come to our guilt - the mom of three, who also reminds us that we want to " that is to say, even in the face of this desire, we must somehow break apart from work, household, superfluity, and parenting. It is no wonder that such a condition causes self-immolation to fail, if something else fails as dictated by its internal and external requirements. What do I want to be a perfect mother? Why exactly? Who do I want to meet? (My mom, my friends, my neighbors, my ovist mom, my couple, my Facebook buddies?) What's really important to me? And then come the tools, the custom, and the family solutions that can help make the bundle easier, and so solve your self-loathing.

Zsuzska's solution

For many of us, our lifestyle is changing so much as having a child that previous stress management methods cannot work. If in the past, for example, running was your stress reliever, you might want to bring it back, or bring an alternative to your child (ren).Isolation or insulation: Mom will definitely miss something. But that's okay. Friends, currencies, or online communities are important supports, can protect you from isolation, but with the constant attention of the social media, the parallel chats can be just like, always, just like. Set a limit, stay conscious from time to time online.Check out another sample!Children need stability and predictability, but it is also a good thing to discover that it is not just about maternal functioning. Dad, grandmother, or babysitter, wicked lady can take care of the baby, while you do your own thing, you recharge.Get help!If anxiety, guilt-ridden everyday life is long-lasting, your life determines, or you suspect postnatal depression, it is really worthwhile to consult a specialist. Childbirth is a normative crisis, but it is still a crisis, which is often very difficult. It sometimes feels bad and asks for help.

Useful Arms: Confidence and Knowledge

When guilt builds us up, we are sinful, and that is what makes it mean. We're getting tense, we're sinning. We are not solving our current problems because we are not paying attention, so we are helpless now, we are drifting into new bad solutions, and we are starting to have a new sense of conscience. unconsciously accepting - warns request Bloody Anita familycoach, a ThetaHealing consultant who has started dealing with her own hardships, borders, and anxieties about having a child, the hacking. Our own unrealistic assumptions about motherhood also hinder us: so we imagine that we will have only beautiful senses, and the truth is that these are often shocked, and at that point we think it is a mistake. We are saddened by the negative feelings that appear, we can't do anything about them. We live up to the weight of responsibility, but in our own experience, with so many contradictory councils, we often feel so sensitive, we do whatever it takes to make a big difference for our child. We can't meet all of these, "explains the mother of three.

Anita's solution

Self-knowledge and self-confidence can be developed, and this is the most profitable job in the long run - motherhood, which goes beyond the time spent. It is worth turning energy and power into what you want to do, not what you have to change. See what you are good at and the skills you want to develop within yourself. Relaxation techniques can also help a lot in relieving tension and negativity. Examples include flaky observation, bringing your attention back to the present, different visualization techniques, meditation, and autogenous training. Through meditation techniques, we seek and resolve the historical origins of our negative feelings, for the causes are very varied; a specialist who encourages everyone to look for a new perspective and tools. Because they are necessary for us to accept and love ourselves as we are, and to pass on that pattern to our children.Related Articles:
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