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Relaxation instead of bending

Relaxation instead of bending

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It is natural for a newborn to be unable to regulate detailed writing. When you are out of infancy, and when you're done, you may have problems and handling them incorrectly can disrupt the process of slicing.

We talked with Dr. Peter Koszou, chief physician at Heim Paul Children's Hospital, about the problem of children and how to prevent them.

What can be the cause of childhood constipation?

Constipation is a worldwide disease. When the child develops symptoms of constipation, many parents begin to feel anxious, causing the baby to become twisted or frustrated. This heightened anxiety also sticks to the child: he senses, his parents think something is really wrong, so he starts to fear. This aggravates the anxiety condition. We also often come across cases where the child, despite being a stimulant for retribution, is held back for some reason, for example because he is ugly, dirty or rather wants to play, and so on. During long days, the stool is considered hard, and it is painful to empty it. The painful heartburn memory remains in the child, so when he or she senses the stimulus, he or she tightens the zipper instead of relaxing it. She doesn't dare to pry, so many more piles are piled up. Often patients are brought to the hospital with a strong abdominal stomach, a bloated stomach, who can immediately feel the large mass through the abdominal wall. In this case, a professional complainant can make the patient free of complaints. The patient is not able to empty or completely retain a large mass of fecundum, which can constantly contaminate the whites. This condition and the parents' inadequate response pose a serious mental burden to the patient.

What kind of treatment do these children receive?

Before treatment, make sure that there is an organ disorder in the back that requires surgery. Fortunately, this is only rarely needed. Regular and long-term care should be emphasized during treatment. This applies equally to patients undergoing surgery, as well as patients without organ abnormalities. If this is the case, we will first provide a professional diet and then recommend a fiber diet. Patience and understanding are a very important part of the therapy. Based on physiological experience, parents are advised to place their child in a pool or toilet 15-20 minutes after breakfast or dinner. It takes a great deal of patience for a good result. The complaint is finally settled when the child experiences that the narrowing is relieved and does not suffer. This is usually the result of a long process.

Can't you hurry up this process?

It is not advisable to give a laxative, because the body quickly gets used to it. What can happen if the child with disability is not treated? The process is believed to be overwhelming, with weaning and associated psychiatric complaints. The retained, high-weight stool exudes the colon. Many adults tend to have such complaints. In such cases, some cases can only be resolved with surgery. How to prevent the development of constipation? With proper daily and dietary application. The parent should be consistent, but patient if the party is not successful. Damnation and punishment can only make things worse. What Developmental Abnormalities Can Cause Developmental Problems? Most often we encounter congenital deficiency and open spine. If the baby is born without any condition, then of course surgery is needed, the operation depends on the nature of the abnormality. The nature of the change also determines the outlook. If you have a higher failure rate, you still have to count for varying degrees of Fertility Retention, even after the most optimal surgical procedure. These patients require aftercare and rehabilitation. To establish a rehabilitation plan, one must examine the anatomical situation and the condition of the so-called locking mechanism. Weight gauges are used to determine if the patient has zipper muscle and if so, how well it works. If this is the case, we can use different procedures to improve the situation.


Special with zinc-strengthened towers. Part of this is ъn. biofeedback tréning. We run a small small pipe into the test that is connected to a numeric pressure gauge system. The child is lifted up, squeeze the zipper. A fairy tale character will appear on the screen when the right amount of power is applied - he has responded. In this way, children become aware and become more efficient in the capacity of the zygomatic muscle. Psychologist, physiotherapist and dietary nurse are essential in the care. What is the solution if there is no detectable and recoverable muscle? There are different types of zirconia. In our department, we use the lumbar muscles on the inner surface of the thighs for this purpose. This operation can only be performed after the age of eight, when the child is capable of effective co-operation. Long-term after treatment, good results can be achieved in the event of a tournament.

What can be done to improve open-spinal incontinence in children with open spine?

In children born with an open spine, the nerve is damaged. In these cases, healing can not be expected to improve the function of the sphincter. In this case, we can improve the quality of life of the patient by means of a fixed schedule, the administration of drugs, and the deficiency of the stool at certain times of the day. We do not have any domestic experience in the field of readily available auxiliary devices.