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7 Ways to Consume That Delays Killing

7 Ways to Consume That Delays Killing

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According to Tim Spector, a professor at King's College London, physicians and practitioners are bombarding diets with contradictory information and, as a result, people are living with more than one word about healthy eating.

7 Ways to Consume That Delays Killing

1. All calories are equal.

This is a mistake: I believe in losing weight when calorie intake is lower, in fact, what we put into our microbes kцzй.

2. Limit your calorie intake before you lose weight.

Twin studies also prove that they are different people react for reduced calorie intake. This is due to a different microbial community.

3. Exercise helps you lose weight.

Yes, it really helped a lot, doing good for the heart and the blood vessels, the mood and the general public. However, regardless not necessarily we are leaner with help.

4. Have the carbohydrate removed from the diet.

Many people believe that it is useful, although milk, meat products and sugars can help us lose weight by just trying to get the right amount, abstaining from fire.

5. It is important to always have breakfast.

Breakfast like a king, eat like a citizen, have dinner like a beggar, says the golden rule. In the currency there is no scientific evidence that not having breakfast in the morning leads to a future. It is enough for everyone to watch your body for signs and come by in the morning.

6. It is worth avoiding the grease far.

Again, it's yummy. Low-fat foods have been found to contain better sugars to the right, but a high-fat Mediterranean diet is healthier than fasting: for some fats, the body simply you need it.

7. Probiotics do not work.

There is concern about the use of antibiotics in the heat. Many people do not believe in the neutralizing effect of probiotics, though experts say йrdemes to make all antiobiotic drugs safer with probiotic supplements.
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