9 mistakes you shouldn't make with a toddler

9 mistakes you shouldn't make with a toddler

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Typical ballpap tips that give you tips on how to fix it!

9 mistakes you shouldn't make with a toddler

Mistake # 1 You're not following

Children love to be accountable. From when it comes to lamp fire to what the consequences are when they behave badly. The more clear the rules are, the more acceptable and flexible the little ones will be.Megoldбs: As much as possible, stick to the agenda And for the little established habits. This is often not easy, especially when parents do not agree on something. If you are not sure how to react when your child spends dinner on the ground or does not want to go to bed, then sit down and talk about the booklet for both of them. Worst of all, the child is confronted with different or possibly opposing reactions. Strive for consistency!

Mistake # 2 Fetching family programs

It's great if you can spend a lot of time with the kids, but you don't have to spend too much time doing it. Kids love to be alone with one other parent when there is no sibling fight, except for the parent-child time.Megoldбs: No big things to think about: just sit down playing with your little one or read her story before going to bed.

Mistake # 3 You help her a lot

Parents are often able to hurry to help the child, even in the most insignificant of things (such as playing games or hanging out). Doing so will only hinder the natural In the process of transition.Megoldбs: "We need to teach the child to be able to withstand the fight," he says. Betsy Brown Braun, child development specialist. "But bullying is no problem. Cheer for them and they'll take the sting more easily!"

Mistake # 4 You talk too much

It's great if you talk a lot to the toddler, but it's less of an idea to do it when you've just done a bad job on the fire. "A lot of speech in this case most often leads to a negative spiral of self-persuasion-yelling-slapping," he says. Thomas Phelan, clinical psychologist. "The children not a little grown up. They don't know the logic, and they simply can't accommodate what we tell them. "Megoldбs: According to Phelan, when you want your child to do something, just tell him clearly and unambiguously, but don't look him in the eye or start explaining my thoughts at length. If the little one is rebelling, you can briefly warn him once or count to three. If you are still reluctant, explain without explanation, briefly, what the consequences of your behavior are.

Mistake # 5 You're just giving him baby food

Does your child eat nothing but french fries and chicken breasts? And the fish-shaped turnip is the only fish that slides down your throat? Although many parents only realize it sooner, little ones get used to it very quickly simple, nutrient deficient tбplбlkozбshoz.Megoldбs: Encourage you to taste all kinds of food! "A large percentage of kids are more likely to eat new food when they find that their parents are snacking on it," says Altmann. "If they are against, you should always smuggle a little novelty on their side. There are some who have to taste something hundreds of times before they eat." You don't even have to worry about kidding yourself. "This is typical of most kids. And the more we cope with the problem, the bigger it becomes. It's completely unnecessary." According to Braun, there is no cause for concern until the child is eager to eat something. However, make the mistake of asking anything, boiling it for three seconds and putting it on the table.

Mistake # 6 You are about to get rid of this lame thing

A kitty is more of a security site. It helps a little to develop good sleep patterns. If you start sleeping on a toddler bed too soon, there is a good chance that you will soon become pregnant in your mind. "Many mothers complain because they are fatally tired of always having to sleep with their child. However, it is the mother who has developed this habit," says Altmann.Megoldбs: There is no need for a couch until the child asks for it or begins to escape from the grumpy bed. This usually occurs between the ages of 2-3 years, but it can also be a reason to buy regular if the small one is 89 centimeters higher.

Mistake # 7 You want to get used to a party too soon

There are moms who are very you will be hit soon to educate the child on room cleanliness, and if they succeed, they will scold the little one. This is by no means a yuri.Megoldбs: "Every kid gets clean when they get it," Altmann says. "The process should not be rushed." Of course, you can help by showing him the location. Perhaps if you do not feel uncomfortable, let him / her see how you are doing your job. Explain the process to make it nice. If you feel like cheating, then praise it! And what if your son / boy is 4 years old and still playful? "Don't worry," says Altmann. "There's no kid to go to college in a nappy."

Mistake # 8 You do not set a limit for fire

Kids who see a lot of dads are shorter they often have learning problems. Studies have shown that those younger than 2 years are not able to digest what is found in the parent or on the screen of a computer.Megoldбs: Give me instead of death kцnyvet in the child's hands, or try other creative activities. "The smaller the little one goes into the dead, the better."

Mistake # 9 You are trying to stop the hist

The majority of parents fall below the ground when their child starts breeding in public. However, all children tend to believe. It is completely ineffective if you try to "talk" to the child, even if it happens before the public. "When we are in a public place, we feel that the environment is ahead of us," says Braun. "It is as if a neon color board appears above our heads with the words 'unsuitable for birth'".Megoldбs: Braun advises you to remember that your child is more important than the opinion of others, especially strangers. If anyone is afraid of you, or of untold advice, smile kindly and do something like, "Wow, do you remember what it was like? Then pick up the kid and go to a place where you can defeat the hist without any publicity. When it is over, take a break and continue where you left off.
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