Presentation: St. Stephen's Church in Budapest

Presentation: St. Stephen's Church in Budapest

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Eleven years ago, we received the baby-friendly hospital title, and this time it was confirmed in the Re-Survey that birth continues to work on the basis of good values. (Let's look at August 2009 status.)

dr. Glacier Pбl
Photograph: Melyvnz

Nowadays, both the old-fashioned and the effective gym are waiting for their babies and newborns in a comfortable form, shaped like a bath. This was a great necessity, as free visitation, in addition to being a pregnant mother, may make her pregnant sometimes, especially when many come to see more than one mother. Then you can't step into rooms with almost permanent houses. "Baby-friendly can't be separated from mammy-friendly, in fact, it would have been better to talk about family-friendly," says dr. Gliding Pбl Head of Department.
Breastfeeding is performed using advanced surgical and anesthetic techniques, so breastfeeding can be an immediate aftermath and the mother can get up to six hours later. Less than half of the births take place in the breast.- This is not the reason for birth, as the results of the examination prove that the routine application of the incision does not bring any benefit. Severe injuries are not more common in us than elsewhere (avoidance of these is neither a guarantee nor a guarantee); Glacier Pбl.
- In Stephen, it is possible to give birth to water, although this option is used by around fifty mothers a year. Another decade has been the use of reverse rotation of fetal fetuses to avoid cesarean section and to give birth to the baby naturally. This intervention proved to be successful in fifty percent of the cases, but it has happened to the extent that the baby was reversed on the next day and had to go through the process twice - says Erzsi Csûrshs, chief executive.

Alexa's baby is just riding,
Erzsébet Csûrska Gödnyny is the leader of the birth
with the help of the light.
The living room is cozy
well equipped and comfortable
Photograph: Melyvnz

Although in Stephen there is a newborn baby specialist day and night, it is advisable to give birth only after the age of 35, or if the estimated weight of the fetus exceeds 2000 grams, there is no premature baby. They are trying to deliver one-on-one to the clinic for the expectant mother whose baby is expected to need special care.
"They come here from the other end of the country, no wonder the number of births has increased year after year," Erzsike says. In addition to the openness of childbirth, it is also a great attraction that breastfeeding support is one of the most important goals here, as well as ensuring the smooth functioning of the newborn from the beginning of the birth. The majority of infant infants are much better educated than the average in breastfeeding requests, dr. Katalin Sarlai, chief pediatrician of pediatric nursing, is an internationally recognized nursing specialist who also operates the nursing outpatient department.Facts, figures
  • Number of births in 2008: 3150, of which 23 are cesarean sections.
  • There are five single rooms, one of which is buttered, each with alternative butter-less devices.
  • Birth control is possible with 15 percent baby in dams (also).
  • The father cannot be in the operating room for cesarean section.
  • The baby unit operates in a 24-hour rooming-in system.
  • In the rooms of the foundation, the father can stay indoors day and night.
  • Visits from 7am to 9pm each day, up to two visits at a time.
  • There is a breastfeeding outpatient clinic. An appointment must be made in advance. Detailed information on the Birth Foundation website: