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Coronary heart disease is terrible!

Coronary heart disease is terrible!

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It has been scientifically proven that there is a predisposition to coronary heart disease. The article below addresses how to counteract this predisposition.

Risk factors

The genetic status of children is similar to that of their parents, which is more influenced by the similarity of environmental factors (eating habits, stress, athletic or non-athletic lifestyle, smoking, etc.). If a child's parents or grandparents have high cholesterol, have diabetes (diabetes mellitus), have high blood pressure, or become serious, these problems may be more likely to occur in a child than in a healthy child. These problems (or even just one) increase the chances of developing adult heart disease.

Managing risk factors

Continuous monitoring and management of certain risk factors. can significantly reduce the chances of developing heart disease, especially if you start early, possibly as early as childhood.
If your parents or grandparents have high blood cholesterol (240 mg / dL or more), please be aware that this will be passed on to children. Children's cholesterol levels should be measured regularly from the age of 2 years. If parents are not familiar with their specific cholesterol levels, they should be checked by a general practitioner or specialist first. If the child's blood cholesterol is high, parents should also have a blood lipid test (total cholesterol, high-density lipid white cholesterol, and triglycerides).Parent or grandparent suffering from coronary heart disease - If any of the parents or grandparents had a heart attack or coronary heart disease before age 55, it is recommended that the child's blood lipid levels be checked regularly.
High blood pressure - If any of the parents or grandparents had high blood pressure, the child should measure the blood pressure at least once a year.
Tъlsъlyossбg (Obesity) - Obesity also plays a role in the development of high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure. Because of the tendency for families to do so, it is good for parents to pay more attention to children's nutrition.


The risk of developing coronary heart disease can be a healthier lifestyle of a family (healthy eating, smoking cessation, regular exercise).
Balanced schedule - It is better for all people to have a balanced diet, ie they contain all the nutrients in the right amount. The main ingredients of a healthy diet are: fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals, low-fat meat, fish, low fat, skimmed milk, and low fat milk. A proper diet helps maintain blood cholesterol levels, and reduces or prevents obstruction.
The bust of smoking - Do not smoke and avoid all sorts of smoking (pipes, cigars, etc.). ) helps control cholesterol, blood pressure and body weight, thus reducing the risk of developing coronary heart disease. Such a program of gymnastics - of course, at the level of age and physical fitness - is healthy for everyone. Children, adolescents, and adults alike are encouraged to exercise at least three to 20 minutes per week, three to four minutes long. It can be cycling, climbing, aerobics, or walking. However, before starting any kind of exercise program, consult your home doctor.