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Brainstorming: The most important things to know

Brainstorming: The most important things to know

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However, many years ago, many people with backward inclination are directly related to conception difficulties. Conversely, back flexion in the stomach itself does not cause difficulty in conceiving.

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How to tell the truth

"When a specialist determines that a patient has a mild backsliding, he or she very often backs up with the patient. And when he or she goes home, he or she immediately goes to the Internet and has a lot of scary information - the backslider can find it." dr. Bakos Marcell szьlйsz-nхgyуgyбsz. Emphasizes that the importance of communication is extremely important. "You have to tell women right away that this is is a so-called anatomical variant, so that the uterus is one or the other, it is not a disease, it is not a cure. This was written down in the anatomy 500 years ago, "Dr. Bakos points out.

It's like right-handed or left-handed

Indeed, the volume position of the bee should also be considered, leaning forward or backward, as when one is right-handed or left-handed. None of you are good or bad. Of course, if there are other women who are planning to have a baby, conceiving itself is difficult, and besides having a dorsal stump, pregnancy may be more difficult - but not because of the position of the baby. For example, fertilization of the ovum can be inhibited by the conceiving of a mole, a mole or a mole that is better inserted into the lining of the uterus.

What if the lumbar back and not leaning forward?

"When the position of the mole is rearwardly inclined, the cervix points above the thoracic wall. When it comes to conception, in such a position, the mammalian body is more likely to learn the length of the vagina. if they are planning a baby, lying flat on your stomach the hцlgy, thereby lerцvidнtve the way for hнmivarsejt szбmбra "- mesйli the szьlйsz- nхgyуgyбsz That csupбn nйhбny the egyьttlйtre vonatkozу practical tanбcs megfogadбsбval mйg this long hнmivarsejtъt also tцbbnyire kikьszцbцlhetх йs normally jцhet same valуszнnыsйggel megtermйkenyьlйs lйtre elхre or hбtrafelй hajlу mйh esetйben. too.

If the baby gets pregnant

It is well known that the situation of the bee also changes in its prey. "Because of this, it is possible that after a pregnancy, a previously defective lumbar will return to a predisposed state," says Dr Bakos. Rather, it is worth noting that, very rarely, the position of the back of the womb may not change much during pregnancy, and the cervix is ​​drooping in the lower abdomen. In this case, you can squeeze the urethra that the pregnant woman recognizes as having urinary difficulties. " of the situation, putting an end to the complaints that have been made, "says dr. Bakos Marcell.
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