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Wash your hands, you won't die!

Wash your hands, you won't die!

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Announcement by Krisztina Tуth, President of the Micro Bay Food Safety Association

"When it comes to food security, there is no cucumber season," he says with concern Krisztina Tуth, the Micro-Food Food Safety Association chairman, who is about to start working these days. Among other things, the association has sought to draw the attention of the Hungarian public to the dangers of everyday hygiene and their lack. One of the sources of the association's creation is the Infectious Disease Law in Germany, which, according to Krisztina Tуth, president of the association - if we do not change our habits urgently - is just the beginning. stem. The good part of the danger is caused by the customers themselves through their irresponsible or ignorant behavior. The Mikrуbaj Йlelmiszer-biztonsбgi Egyesьlet ezйrt starts azйrt szйles kцrы tбjйkoztatбsi kampбnyba to megelхzhetхek are nowadays hasonlу zajlу uborkapбnikhoz case or sъlyos jбrvбnyok elterjedйse.A szakйrtх ъgy vйli the nйmetorszбgi jбrvбny tovбbbterjedйse a relatively small odafigyelйssel kцnnyen megelхzhetх. The law comes from outside the country, so as far as the danger is concerned, it is worth buying Hungarian vegetables and fruits. "So, besides supporting domestic producers, it is possible to prevent the dangerous person from getting into our country with new and newer diseases. Hungary, "says Krisztina Tуth, referring to 2010 data. It is scary that 86% of the registered cases of food safety deficiencies occur in households. The practitioner also pointed out that since bacteria are oral, fruits and vegetables are usually absorbed by the skin, and regular and thorough washing is extremely important. It is not good time to wash the greens in times of danger, and it is worthwhile to name them. Food should not be allowed to come into contact with our clothes, especially our shoes. "I often see little ones in hypermarkets being brought directly into the supermarket, not just the baby food they buy. in the cold, so a contagious bacterial flu can comfortably develop at home in just a couple of days, "the food safety expert calls attention to careless practice.

About the lawsuit

According to the June 10 newsletter, the number of fatalities has risen to 31. More than 700 patients are still at risk of death, including cases of so-called haemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), which is a severe anemia and kidney failure. Dangerous and extremely aggressive bacteria have caused severe neurodegeneration in several patients.