You can download the largest Hungarian storyline for free

You can download the largest Hungarian storyline for free

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Over 300 updated interactive audiobooks are available for free download from the BOOKR Kids Storybook during the Spring Break.

Classical and modern books, obligatory readings, English language fairy tales and songs are also on the digital shelves. The company is celebrating its 4th birthday this weekend!You can download the largest Hungarian storyline for free BOOKR Kids provides a new opportunity for children growing up in the digital world, and aims to make the use of smartphones and tablets a natural part of life. animated digital books and skill-building games. The stories are brought to life by the sounds of well-known actresses such as Piroska Molnárr, László Szacsvay, János Gállvlgyi and can be enjoyed in audiobooks. The Certified Center for Digital Pedagogy is accredited and promoted by the Center for Advanced Pedagogical Teaching, and is promoting popular teaching methodologies in primary schools. The startup received a EUR 1 million equity investment from Hiventures Venture Capital Management Co. Ltd. last year, helping the company develop its technology and expand internationally. BOOKR fairy tales have been the favorite of children in Norway, the Czech Republic and Germany. The company will unveil the latest development in English for learning English in the coming month. Today, screen saver is one of the most shared topics among families with small children. Someone who opted for a total ban will let someone feed their baby in the youtube labyrinth of videos. Reflecting on the center is a recent Oxford study that shows that there is virtually no correlation between the amount of time spent before the screen and the health of the children. Mental illness is not the main cause of time itself, but of the dangerous contents. That's why BOOKR Kids is constantly working on technology that makes digital entertainment healthier and cooler for every family. BOOKR works with indispensable values, the world of books, as it is the only book in the world to digitize paper-based books. Such as reading a fairy tale. What matters is not what platform the family reads together, but the fact that the story of a common story remains the best time they can spend together. Some researchers have compared screen savers to sugar: they do no good and have many bad side effects, and kids can depend on it. At the same time, small rituals that are sometimes associated with cocoa and cookies can have much more benefits in a family life than a total ban on sugar. The tiltбsok rбadбsul visszafelй is often elsьlhetnek: megбgyazhatnak the falбnksбgnak йs the bыntudatnak, elхsegнthetik the bizalmatlansбg йs the titkolуzбs kialakulбsбt.A BOOKR Kids Mesetбrban the cнmы "Mesйk tanulбshoz" shelf so talбlhatуak content specifically for segнtik alsу йs felsх-time children's native language nevelйsйt . With the help of BOOKR Kids, you can develop textiles and playthings for children in a playful way. And on the Storyteller's "English" shelf, books that integrate English culture with English language translations are published, with native-language solos translated by BOOKR Kids. Mumin books, as well as contemporary works like Dani Varrу, Virágg Erdõs or János Lackfi, or the enormous popularity of Janikovszky's books are published. Enjoy all 300 stories in the Storybook! You can download the BOOKR Kids Storybook from the App Store and Google Play Stores, and get one, three and a half subscriptions from Play for free after your free weekend.
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