Help, my son wants pink clothes!

Help, my son wants pink clothes!

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You won't be "mбs"? What will the relatives do? We need to educate you! - Parents look frightened when a little boy is dealing with girlish things.

"Over the past few weeks, we've started worrying about our two and a half year old baby boy. His favorite color is pink. He only drinks pink ice cream, wants to dress in pink, and now he has to wear a pair of pink panties. for one, of course, he would follow me in everything, and for me, because he rarely sees his father. But this is a hell of a bitch! She was sleeping at home with this one. She was given by a prospective owl when we went to the ovi. her russian panties? " - Andi says in despair. Let's see what would happen in the opposite case! If Andrea lбnya Playing with cubes, tossing cars for the day, and biking wildly in the morning, this letter wouldn't have gone. Families and acquaintances would book that baby chick has arrived in the middle of the day, and will stumble when she gets bigger.
However, when we see girlish behavior in our son, we always find it scary or at least strange. In the rarest of cases, her parents give her parents pink rushes, even if they are somewhat elastic and enlightened. Of course, we can see a little girl in the blue often, and nobody gets stuck on it. This is no different in adulthood: we are a little surprised at women's boxers, but a male aerobics or belly show is welcomed with some great scrutiny.
To this day, masculinity is more valuable in society than femininity, and we care more about it and worry when it comes to risk. But we know very little about how masculinity and femininity develop in our children.
And Andreba is reassuring: at the age of two and a half, children are very much in the beginning. It is better to consider them primarily as a child and not as a baby or boy. And most importantly, you don't have to feel remorse if your behavior on this field is different from your usual routine. Many parents are nailing the question: What did I break? What's wrong with my pony? Or plead: here's the proof that you don't care enough about the child! But it's not that simple!

Where do you study?

According to research, non-family models are more effective in learning a child's gender roles than what he or she has seen at home. He did not add the "masculinity" or the "femininity" factors to humans, but to the patterns he saw around himself in the world.
The incarnation of the masculinity is not the father, but the soldier, the police, the actor. And femininity is not the mother, but the fairy tales, the Barbie doll, and a common mummy image she gets to know about fashion and fairy tales. This is the reason why little boys love to fit, play with guns, and still want to be the driver of a locomotive, though most dads today are mostly on mobile phones, not infrequently.
Babies are kneading lumps on toys on baby chairs, and baby washing in the baby crib - even though moms are more than ready to make bread, hardly ready to eat, and do not wash their hands. Even most of her ovis' wits revolve around clothes, hairstyles and nail polish, even if her mother has never followed fashion, or even made-up.
Most children start to discriminate between genders around the age of two and a half, but this is still a very shaky science. For five to six years, they mainly decide on the outside: it is useless to have a baby's potty, if you wear a skirt, it can only be a girl. Gender identity will be stable until high school, and then it will be sure to develop the "we, girls", "us, boys" sensation, group formation. If a child shows a precarious gender role before this age, there is no need to worry.

Superhero, superhero?

I think it is very important that we do not try to get rid of those properties that are more specific to the opposite sex. If one woman misses all the masculine, if she doesn't have a hell of a lot of aggression or rhetoric, she'll have a hard time staying in capital letters or parenting. If a man is lacking in integrity and caring, he may become a guy with plenty of buddies, but it will not be easy for him and his children to live together.