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3 + 1 mesh diaper

3 + 1 mesh diaper

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Tired of teddy bears, quilted or overly athletic pieces? We are now showing you a really nice diaper!

Seriously, I would introduce corn to those who think so, fresh babies just want to run around with teddy bears, puppies, and quilted diapers. The idea is illogical, because the mother has not become more sweet and baby because her baby is born, and the newborns do not carry such puppies. According to my idea, which is exactly the same in life, I dress in a similar style to that before birth and want a nice little bowl that can serve the needs of the baby. True, in my dreams there are no teddy bears at all ... Or irish sports bags ... Unfortunately, the pics shown here are nonsensical, but this is not the case, but sometimes you just want to make fun.

Petunia Pickle Bottom
You can even go to the opera with him!

Practical and chic

One of my favorite brands, Petunia Pickle Bottom Diapers, offers a myriad of styles and types, and more recently, I have tried to prove that practicality and chic are incompatible. For example, they have spines that are backpacks and backpacks, so you can get it on your back whenever you need two hands. There are smaller models when we just run away from home without the need for full ride gear and decently sized pieces. My recent favorites are the chic banana-shaped ones that have no sons of teddy bears, but we can choose from over 20 of them ...
Bar as my grandmother would say: yeah how you can buy.

The gluttonous is from

Creative creativity

It is also thought that the diaper bag on the international net market will get 17,000 hits. (Comparatively, we get a total of two results on the other hand, except for the corresponding Hungarian one ...) Does this have to be more sensitive proof that women can also buy shoes besides shoes? Here we can find everything that is eye-to-mouth stimulation. Funny, fun, chic, design.
If we are so fanatical - and it is not excluded - that we look through all the tens of thousands of pieces, we can find something for everyone.

nowhere is a teddy bear, good luck!


Not a teddy bear, but no pattern.
Clean, simple, minimal. There are some who come in, some who cannot identify with it. They all have a fair point, I can admire it. Not exactly feminine, however, it is definitely stylish and not to be neglected that daddy will definitely get it on the shoulder ...

Designers Guild,
the spring equilibrium

Even a little design

The Designers Guild diapers strike the perfect balance between fine pastelism, playful femininity and practicality. Cheerful spring-summer colors, practical pockets. I'm sure you fit all summer clothes well (because who said a cat should fit in a stroller?). We could even look at a couple of patterns and shapes.
I do not want to joke about how expensive these prickly pots are, but rather encourage all Hungarian designers - who are so good - to add this to their repertoire, because I think they are very enthusiastic about the recruitment market.