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I'm sorry about the decisions

I'm sorry about the decisions

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After all, it is always easy to be smarter, especially when you are pregnant, giving birth, breastfeeding. In addition, no school has prepared us for the most important task of our lives, unfortunately, most of the time, we only get to where we failed.

I'm sorry I asked for epidural anesthesia

Lilla Vecsei (36) is a mother of three with three children"I didn't talk to my doctor about the pain-relieving methods and the effects they had on my first pregnancy. I didn't know anything, but I was terrified," he said. "By the time my cunt arrived, I had already received the injection, and it was ready for the facts. I realized afterwards that it wasn't a good idea. I didn't feel any pain when or when I needed to. second and foremost, I didn't ask for anesthetic, and double my life because my twins were born, but it was also much better to feel pain. the baby slipped into me, as if all the sudden pain of the pain had gone away.

I'm sorry that I wasn't breastfeeding while listening to my oysters

Erzsébet Hornyik (37) entrepreneur, mother with three childrenMany people laugh at the first baby's breastfeeding, but we were so unwell that we ended up with Bogi two months ago at the hospital. I think the biggest problem was that I was so naïve to the thing: I never thought it could be any problem, I didn't really prepare for it, and I tried to meet everyone who was just trying to help.Bogi was little, impatient, soon tired of heart. I didn't know what to do. Erхltessem? Or should I leave? I started getting nervous because the kid was constantly crying. Probably, he didn't want to milk the milk properly, he was only willing to work as easy as he could, but he soon became hungry. The majority said he was eating too much and had a firm head in his stomach, so I waited for three of the eateries. I thought he would definitely eat properly. It didn't seem like Bogi's weight had gained anything after a few weeks, and at the age of eight we ended up at the hospital, where she was examined and found to have no organic problems, just not enough. I somehow always felt this was the problem, but I wasn't sure. Even though I should have listened to my mother's urges, not to please everyone, then maybe we would have split the church. I was a bit smarter with my little brothers, but that's why I paid for my study money with poor Bogi.

I'm sorry that I didn't go to a saber before

Krisztina Balogh (32) is a senior assistant mother with two childrenI spent most of my day at work when I became pregnant with my first baby. I dealt with a lot of things, my boss couldn't really get along without it, and we told him to go in as long as I could. There was no problem with that, and it was quite a hot summer, and I thought it was better for me to be in the air-conditioning office than at home in the attic. Then in the last few months I started to get wet, my leg was swollen, which my workout didn't do well, though I shaved it often, especially when my older colleagues didn't like to watch it. We were booked by the end of September, so I thought I'd rest until next month, so I worked until the middle of August. Luckily, to leave tomorrow to live there together. On my last day at work, we saved for a four-dimensional ultrasound, where we noticed that the baby had bigger kidneys than normal, which was completely unexpected, since everything was fine. We went to exams for days afterwards, but we were told that a correct diagnosis would only be made once the baby was born. It's not been a week since my baby was born. At the end of August, more than four weeks before the hammering date. I don't know why the doctors didn't tell me either, I think I was so stressed out that he didn't want to stay inside anymore and find out as soon as possible. Because it wasn't, though, I was taken to the pediatric clinic right away, and I wound up in midwifery after the cup. Anyway, it would have been nice if I had more time to relax, not just leaving myself for a month, especially since it had barely a few days.

I'm sorry about the decisions

I'm sorry that I was not prepared for the cupper in spirit

Márta Adбmy-Nacsák (36) teacher, mother of twoDuring my pregnancy, I did not think for a minute that complications during childbirth could cause us to end up in surgery. Not because I haven't heard or read anything like that, because like many others, I have gone through magazines and books. But somehow I completely ruled out the possibility of a cup, I did not care for it at all, I was sure that I would give birth to my baby naturally. My doctor supported my vocation, and she didn't really talk about possible complications, nor did she talk about cups. But it didn't matter because I would have just let go of the information beside me, I wouldn't have felt it. So it turned out that I had to do twelve ounces of caviar after hard butter. The baby was in such a position that he would be incapable of pushing, and he even got stuck in the amniotic fluid. Generally, I did not object, because I was sorry for the surgery and I was afraid that my doctor did not resort to drastic methods, but he was sure. But the drama continued: to bring the baby there, it shocked me all that I was not prepared for, even though I had to explain why I should not jump. I'm afraid that it turned out that I didn't feel like a real woman, I could only think of what kind of mother she could not have a baby properly. My anxiety was just three years old, that you are going to come out with a cup. We've been around the last two weeks, when he turned his back, and my dad stated that it would be too dangerous to have a tailed baby after a cup. So the situation became clear, though it had previously caused me a small puzzle about which one to choose. My baby solved it for me. I was ready to give birth, in harmony, and my condition completely relieved my anxiety, and I finally felt like a real mother.They may also be interested in:
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