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Postpartum Cervical Birth - Possible?

Postpartum Cervical Birth - Possible?

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Is it possible to have a natural birth after cesarean section? What conditions are required and what are the risks? Dr. Bartha Tünde helped me answer the most frequently asked questions about this topic.

After a cup of vaginal birth?

When there is no other solution

"Nowadays, cesarean delivery does not have an absolute condition, but there is no absolute contraindication. However, we should know that there are situations where there is no other way to complete a birth than a cesarean (the fetus can not do so). tumor in small pelvis, III. or when the butterfly completely covers the body (placenta praevia totalis). These are called absolute indicationso in that case, vaginal birth is not possible, "he says dr. Bartha Tünde szьlйsz-nхgyуgyбsz. "Beszйlьnk relative indicationsroul too. These mean that birth can be aborted, but then the health of the mother and / or the fetus can be counted. There are situations in which a cesarean section is performed to avoid immediate maternal or fetal death (vital indication). This means that we would definitely lose the mother and / or the fetus if the operation was not performed. Another case is when we are deciding on a cesarean section to prevent a potential danger (prophylactic indication). For example, if the mother complains about the sensation of an already existing scab over the owls. In this case, we perform a postoperative surgery before the weld is split. It also provides a similar indication to the previous operation performed on the womb, "he adds.

If we were born with cesarean section

Under certain conditions, it is possible to have a vaginal birth, even if we have had cupping. According to international statistics, 70% of successful vaginal births, that is, 7 out of 10 7-8 baby vaginal births. As azйrt elйg megnyugtatу arбny. "Termйszetesen the korбbbi csбszбrmetszйs nцveli a ъjabb csбszбrmetszйs valуszнnыsйgйt, but if there is not a rapid szьlйsrхl szу йs no signs of hegszйtvбlбsnak (kцvetve serial ultrasound vizsgбlattal no scar йrzйkenysйg scar egysйges, szьlйs below), it is in close odafigyelйs the butter may be released spontaneously if you wish to have a natural birth. "

What to Consider When a Doctor Has Decided to Have a Vaginal Birth

"In this case, the doctor kнsйri the szьlйst closely. The scar бllapotбt betapintбssal tцbbszцr ellenхrzik, CTG vizsgбlattal continuously monitor fetal szнvhangot well. In this case, the szьlйsindнtу, respectively. Fбjбssegнtх gyуgyszerekkel much kцrьltekintхbben bбnnak, as all the szьlйs indнtбsбra йs felgyorsнtбsбra irбnyulу beavatkozбs nцveli the scabies may burst. "

Do we need to be afraid of scar removal?

The greatest risk of postpartum vaginal delivery is that the surgical scar may loosen or even completely dissolve during the surgerywhich, when viewed on both the mother and the fetus, creates a life-threatening condition. However, dr. Bartha Tünde's choice dispels the fears. so these are the ones that make the decision about the outcome of the baby - naturally taking into account the maternal desire. " Statistics also show that the worst outcome (that is, scarring) occurs in only 1% of cases, as they now use advanced sutures that can neglect the risk of cracks.

What is the time to elapse between the cup and the next birth?

"Because cesarean section is a permeability to the uterus, we recommend a waiting period of one year until the next pregnancyto give the baby time to recover. We do not recommend additional pregnancies after three cesarean sections due to the inflexibility of the scar, but we have not seen a counterexample. Such is the case with the lady who 15 consecutive fells. This can be explained by the patient's ability to regenerate during the next semester. "This article was written to help you: Dr. Bartha Tünde is a baby girl
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