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About coexistence - this time from the utility point of view

About coexistence - this time from the utility point of view

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Why do many people choose to have sex with a child? Not only because you feel good, but also because it is comfortable, saves you energy, and it is much easier to breastfeed.

About coexistence - this time from the utility point of viewCoexistence is done safely is not a danger to the baby, this Dr. James McKenna, a researcher at the University of Notre Dame, also found during his examinations. Just as people's nymphs are "rewarded", when they return key fats and sugars, they also have important physiological and social factors to explain.

Co-sleeping and breastfeeding

The low calorie content of breast milk, which is adapted to the baby's underdeveloped intestinal system, makes it necessary to feed at night, and may be a major deterrent to the cultural acceptance of co-wintering. About 73 percent of American mothers return home after childbirth from the hospital to breastfeed and even mothers who aren't planning on sleeping with their baby will soon discover that makes breastfeeding easier And how much more excited they are when the little one whispers by.

Coexistence and physiological changes

However, not only breastfeeding promotes breastfeeding. Babies are not influenced by the suggestions at all, they are just following their little urges, the nervous system responses they give to the scent, movements and touch of the mother. These egyьttesen megvigasztaljбk the babбt, mikцzben szabбlyozzбk small lйgzйsйt, testhхmйrsйkletйt, tбpanyagfelszнvуdбsбt, stress hormones szintjйt, immune mыkцdйsйt йs the oxigйntelнtettsйget.Rцviden szуlva the biztonsбgosan executed egyьttalvбs (fьggetlenьl attуl whether tцrtйnik or not a бgyban) pozitнv йlettani vбltozбsokat children, and more seem to be happier. Dramatic cultural and technological changes in advanced countries are Further development can occur only through continuous contact and proximity to the mother, as this is the only environment to which the baby has fully adapted. To replace this, even advanced technology has failed to find a solution. Infants have been able to develop there is an absolute need for the mother's body, but those who oppose co-existence tend to be forgotten. It is probably because the majority of parents who use the baby go to bed with him at night, as McKenna and his father have scientifically proven. If there is a choice, the little ones are clear Their mother is more comfortable with her body as opposed to their cotton pads as mothers detect and satisfy the needs of their infants.

There are times when he did not recommend

No doubt about that under certain circumstances, sleeping in one bed is dangerous and not recommended. Although the tragedy of dying with all fish, it cannot be said to be more dangerous than a baby when more than 300,000 babies are found dead in the United States every year. However, there is nothing to suggest that the baby is dangerous and should not be used. Just as your baby's sleep risk can be reduced, co-sleep can be made safe.Source: