Bad mother syndrome

Bad mother syndrome

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There is this phenomenon. That someone feels like a bad mother. I do not know when she was born, but as far as I know, our parents have not yet been born.

Nasty syndrome

At least not in such quantities as now. I'm not interested in what you came up with, it's more about how to get rid of it. You know, that's when you get it, the book is over because you don't do something about your child the way society (?) would expect it to be. You want to give birth to painkillers because you are afraid / not of pain, but you have the trap of "what kind of mother does not want to give birth naturally?" You can't / you want to breastfeed your baby by the age of two, and by the way, you feel, the book says, "Are you feeding your baby ?!" You want to breathe a little out of the world around a kid and go out for a night alone with your head, but "oh, baby, dare you look at your baby, what mother are you?" In Gentlemen, you travel alone for the weekend with your sweetheart, but you are promptly asked to "and could you leave your child at home?" storytelling-sandblasting in Bermuda, and you want to deal with grown-ups, that is, go back to work and give your kid a chick. "You gave it to a chick ?!" the conscience is coming to ask for the rest. It's like thinking that if you are not 100% involved with your child or busy, you do not like them 100%. This is the biggest stupidity in the world. But explain this to each and every person, explaining it every time? The situation is that two separate worlds meet within you, with completely contradictory expectations. You want to rest sometimes, get a little of yourself, work, create, live while the Book expects you to be the Perfect Mother, and of course the Perfect Wife and the Perfect Woman, and what you do. And you are trapped in this contradiction, the tension is increasing, and you simply have to find a valve somewhere where you can drain it. You get blown up by yourself.You find yourself being irritated or with your child (huh, it turns on your conscience whimpering), irritated or frantic (even a dose of conscience whimpering), and when you look back. Where does it lead? There is no one to release the tension.But there is the tension within you, only you can release it.You can do it. If you are conscious of it and you really want to. Decide which sound you are listening to: the inside or the outside? Who you want to meet: for yourself or for the book? If you choose to listen to the inner voice, stick to it. Will your neighbor, your mother, your friend get married? Smile, thank her, but tell her that you and your little family have the best mental decision you can make in terms of spiritual peace. And believe it, if your decisions and actions are in harmony with what your inner voice is doing, then the nervous tension will not develop. Then you bring peace and balance to your family, and that's the most important thing. Millions of times more important than the neighbor's stern gaze or bitter comments.Believe in your own inner voice! (By the way, are you thinking that the Book is ourselves? You are everyone else's "Book," your comments have an impact on others just as they do on the comments. you can read more about it here.Related articles in Maternity:
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