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We live with the grandmothers - and we're not sorry!

We live with the grandmothers - and we're not sorry!

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There are some who do not need it, but do it because it benefits everyone. In the XXI. your big family can work great for a century!

The demands of modern life can hardly be met without help. Parents would hardly be able to cope at work, and children would be waking up from morning to night in kindergarten, of course, when they were ill at home. In these cases, it is best to grandma takes care of the little ones.
Anna and Gabor were given the outside conditions when they agreed: Anna's parents had an apartment at their house, why would the young people go into subletting? Garden house, quiet area, good transport. What was natural for them was, in fact, the result of a preliminary, perhaps unconscious, decision from within: accepting one another for them meant living together well. All this happened eight years ago, and the Schmidtka-Major's family has since extended to three children.

To live with the grandmothers? Not a bad idea!

"And with experience," says Eta's mom, schoolboy Bori, high school Dani, and probably grandpa's grandmother, two and a half year old Janka. "Outside of the living room, we had to get used to it, to grind it up. Something Anna had thought she'd done, it turned out over time that she thought it was going well. At first I just smiled is planning a great familyand now three grandchildren are living life.
The hectic pace of life, the coming-of-age, many programs were strange to me, and I was better placed on the calm agenda. But I see it didn't bother the kids if the events were sometimes more varied. "

Everyone will find the one with whom they feel most comfortable

"That's why it depends on the kids' bloodshed," says Gabriel. "For example, Dani likes to stay home and dad when Daddy Stephen plays chess with him or fights the big floor together. It's also good to be together because everyone can find the best he can. in practice, it is better to go to work in the normal hours and come home afterwards and deal with the children. "
"Even with my first baby, I wasn't so alone all day, and I was able to give birth to an adult in the daytime," continues Anna. "Later, the well-known mother's expertise, her nearly forty-year-old experience with her. She said every sentence she knew, always willingly realized, and when I was not sure about her age at first, she would not develop her credibility. he said his opinion and I listened.
There are some that I have been doing and sorting out, and sometimes I have seen the causes or the correlations. There were no big quarrels about it. "
Anna graduated with her undergraduate diploma and will now be working as a physiotherapist. No denying, all this could not have happened without the help of the grandparents.
At Trein, the decision to have children with their grandparents during birth was unambiguous. This was no stranger to their number, as Tam and Nara lived with their parents until their own home was completed. They were well together, but eventually settled into a life of self, then six years later, after Nicholas' birth, they should live together again.
"I'm working for a telecommunications company, analyzing and solving problem situations," says Nura. "This is a fast-moving area where you can't be left out for a long time, and I went back to work when my baby was seven months old. My mom took care of the baby. we lived when Dominic, our younger son, was born three years ago. " Grandma and grandchildren love each other very much, it is reassuring to me, and it is good that my mother is always available.
"My mother was left alone, sold the family home, and bought a bigger apartment near us," says Tamás further. "First we spent Christmas because there were more places. Then it turned out how good it was to be with us all the time. We always put off going home for a week, finally deciding to stay at home."
Mari Nani It is great for the grandchildren, and, admittedly, wear the tempo. Dominik had been home with him so far, and Nikolast had brought him to the ovib after lunch, and he hadn't come in at all. Now, each little boy started something new in his life: Nicholas went to school, Dominik to kindergarten in September. "I bring them, this is also a novelty for me, because after summer I was wondering what it would be like to be home all day, but half day," says Tambs mother.