Mom wasn't ready for wickedness

Mom wasn't ready for wickedness

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There are times when the child is advancing with her parents. Lovely, by the time we notice, we accept and accept. Ildine might have succeeded.

Mom wasn't ready for wickedness

April 2012. 17. Mom was back to work. Planned much earlier, and completely unexpectedly. It was an invitation of the kind "lightning strike" that you can't or wouldn't "fit" in to refuse. The meaning of this sentence is purely because we decided to do it just before the small earnings came, we will skip the witsI come back to work before the age of three. If I go back, I'm not in 10-12 hours a day either. So Zhufi went back 22 months, and yes, 10-12 hours a day. So much for the vows… Apostasy was only exacerbated by the fact that not much of my dreams were a net worth, and that even financially it didn't bring so much to the kitchen. But there is a situation when one cannot simply say no to work for the sake of charity. In my early April job interviews, I still haggled with my prospective job about whether I should start work early this autumn, or start all over early next month. However, by April 16th the bargain had lost its meaning, and it turned out that I will not start in the autumn, but I will not start in May! For a while, the family solved child safety, but I finally had to see: Zuffi will be apologetic. I gasped at the phrase, made friends with the thought. was added gradually we have spoken of the story of the ideals of Bohemian life, "wisdom" as something of a distinction, and we have also created a new word, namely, "devout grandeur". I went to the open day myself and asked for the appointment several times. I wanted to know all about the principles of parenting, about eating out, about caring for women, about the rest of the children… Zhufit was naturally taken on.

No return!

In July, we received the official report and also invited us to the first Parent Meeting. The announcement of the meeting in Szolnok is particularly frustrating. When I knew for sure that I was hired, I picked up Zuffi, and asked me: would they give him enough to drink? What if he gets dehydrated? What are their ingredients cooked from? Do you call a glass of tea a tinzur? Will the buttocks be thrown out? And what if you eat too slowly? Do you expect it or lose it? If they play outside, will they cap their caps properly so that they can protect their ears from the baby or just toss it loosely on the head? Then my heart started beating wildly, my adrenaline level could have been in the sky. The couple, of course, was calm and advised me not to forget about a small one in the middle of my work! Arroul's how Zhufi himself relates to the idea of ​​witchcraft. Needless to say, that relationship was fine! Jude could hardly wait for the familiarization period to come. After three days of experienced Boldness, he spoke with glittering eyes about his achievements. And above all, he pocketed a lot of praise for drinking nicely because he was eating nicely, he became impatient, it is indisputable.

What about me?

Slowly, I could have calmed down too. But when I got the answer to these practical questions, I had a different kind of fear. They're better are of spiritual origin they were. Who will come to me so sweet in the morning? Can't you half-fill me half-heartedly with reading a fairy tale now? And, in general, is it always going to be like running a gear wheel? But since you are still barely born, and do you spend most of the day outside your parents? Do you really get out of your socialization as an "adult" and "unknown" people to us? My loud moralization was interrupted recently by the couple: "It is Arroo's that Zhufi has killed his wits, but you hardly." And how right he was! On the third day, as we stood in front of the city's best news agency, and hoped to enter the Pillangou group, strange things were stirring in my head. I also see the tiniest sign that he is anxious and hasn't prepared for wilderness life, then in the midst of apologies and missed the opportunity, I also feel well aware that this would give another child a chance. What a beautiful gesture! So I strongly suggested to myself, "I'm sorry ..." Then, on the fourth day, I calmed down. I was enlightened between the boulevard playground, a rabbit and a bicycle swing; if I accept it or not, surely we are coming to a new state, and I will be wiser if we are ready for a smooth start.

Then I'd rather voyeurize!

In the evening, when Zhufi was asleep on the truth of the righteous, I was proudly telling my couple that I thought I was in trouble. I've initiated it into my latest plan. I'll buy a telescope! I said emphatically. Of course, getting used to the post-production period. I've looked one on the net. After we say goodbye, I watch from afar, so there is a lot out there in the yard. Of course, they would be very careful. Make sure no one starts it. I had planned to skip over a bush, and watch a couple of ruffles. Only security favored my bottomless concerns.After the couple thought I was serious, they looked at me and warned me that their wisdom, which has a day to spare, a lot of traffic, will be my vision of the imperceptible. He further mentioned that he himself had cured in this particular institution. Truth be told, all this did not stop me from planning. But there was a sentence when he started talking about a rather small distance between his wits and his psychiatric realm. That was convincing! I don't know if it's compatible. But that is certain, slow I have run out of ideas for anti-wisdom. You could put it that way, I wasn't as light as my baby, but over time, I also became moron.
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