Breasts: My Breasts, Husband, Baby and Sexuality During Pregnancy

Breasts: My Breasts, Husband, Baby and Sexuality During Pregnancy

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There are some things that cookbooks talk about less, sometimes just a phrase about relevant content - according to which the breast changes its hormonal effect - even though breast changes play a very important role in the semi-intimate life.

Sexuality during pregnancy, breastfeeding

So spherical! - But why?

Why exactly does it look exactly like this and is located exactly where the woman's breast is, and just like that, it hasn't been completely cleared up evolutionarily. Of course, one can say that breastfeeding is the reason. How to Stay Above Female Breasts. But this is only true in part because all the mammalian animal feeds on the breast small but they swell only during the breastfeeding period, even though the female breast does not the other is not about fertility, little care, because breastfeeding can be done with any size breast. Dairy production capacity is well developed and extensive, able to function it depends on the gland, not the size of the breast.
There may be a little mystery, a little mystery, but it is a fact that the request is inevitable. Many women have an erotic zone that does not play a minor role in the intimate unity.
During pregnancy and after childbirth, she is one of the women's body parts that undergoes the greatest changes. During pregnancy, the breast is ready for breastfeeding, and after breastfeeding, it is able to feed the baby during breastfeeding. And that in between how her role in sexuality changes? This, of course, as every expectation and every parent changed. Some who can't bear to get their breasts touched during breastfeeding are some who are particularly excited about it. Let's see what stages we know and who has gone through life.

Under the influence

Hormonal wavering begins, tense sensation in the breasts - especially at first awakening - and the size of the breast begins to change. Breasts start to grow as the right hormones begin to produce milk, the number of mammary glands grow, and - the breast becomes more and more mature. I did not feel the size, but I was very "full". Maybe my breasts were never as beautiful as I was. because I didn't want to tolerate it if they got it, "he says Zita. "My husband understood this, but in a palpable way, this inflated curveball was very inviting. Fortunately, for a couple of weeks, the tension, the tingling sensation left me, and my breast - and I - got used to it. neither confused sexually-orientated йletьnkben you have already. "fourth hуnapjбtуl the vбrandуssбg the breast begins to colostrum, produced hнg sбrgбs or tejszerы vбladйkot, йs the vбrandуssбg utolsу hуnapjaiban elхfordulhat you have already tejszivбrgбs is, of course, not mindenkinйl." Talбn the eighth hуnap vйge felй jбrtam when your first time began szivбrogni I'll tell you honestly when I was expecting my first child, it was so foreign to me at the time that I didn't really know what to do with it. Somehow there was a stranger between the two of us in this sensation. and afterwards I chose the way that doesn't seem too sexy to I rather left the bra myself. Then I managed to reconcile these two things, "he recounts of this period Hajni.

After childbirth, during breastfeeding

There are many aspects to breastfeeding that can be effective, although many aspects must be met at the same time to be truly hundreds. It affects how many times you breastfeed your baby, whether you are having a good night's sleep, whether you are using pacifiers, or if you are getting anything extra besides breast milk. Only the one who has low plans for breastfeeding has the power to breastfeed herself. However, it is also true that hormones do not direct the newborns during breastfeeding to the direction of plaque acrobatics. During breastfeeding, the vagina is flatter so your body is not specifically tuned to sexual intercourse.

Breastfeeding and nutrition

Few people speak blatantly, but more and more people can meet without the taboos of the fact that Breastfeeding causes a lot of physical stress for many mothers. Not surprisingly, because during breastfeeding, the same hormones work in the female body as in orgasm. This oxytocin, also called the love hormone, plays a major role in the formation of adhesion. This phenomenon is not surprising, because it is difficult to talk about it, because a bad wording could even be thought of as something completely unhealthyeven though this kind of pure pleasure is completely. "I have never felt the overwhelming love wave that my third child experienced while breastfeeding. mesйli Flуra. "A kind of bodily stress that I can't touch again and again, and I wanted to live again." to know that we are facing a completely natural thing.

My breasts, my boyfriend, my kid and Jin

It is not always an evident moment of motherhood when she is suddenly breastfeeding physically more than one role nхkйnt. A nut mom and a sexy girl are not always fair in her head. But they do not always need to be clearly distinguished, the most important thing is that with changed roles, we should be both clear and dare to speak about our senses. Not surprisingly, stopping can be very different in this case as well. There are times when a fresh daddy handles taboo on breastfeeding and is when it becomes a special source of nourishment. "When we found my baby again after birth, he didn't touch my breast," he says. Judit. "You said it was our soul now. I was so good, I didn't have any distractions." I thought it might be a terrible thing to happen to me without control, but then and there, it was fantastic for both of us - Orsi tells me. the changed body, or all the other, new, altered conditions, all influence the way we look at our breasts in the context of intimate unity: I put my boyfriend in bed and my pussy was full of milk, I was lying beside him, not feeling today gam is ready for sex. After all, after many and often breastfeeding, when I was not breastfeeding, I simply did not touch, least of all, touching my breasts. I wanted to have my breasts a little just mine if possible. Of course, it may not have been specifically for breastfeeding, I just had to deal with the new situation, "he says. Petra. "As soon as I was breastfeeding, my nights got calmer and I found the balance in my body." It is not lawful, but its shape can naturally change in the process of choosing a mother. But let's just think about it, with the passing of time, the body changes in a way, it's lawful. This is a natural process, and it is up to you to decide how much change we can live with in the long run. In any case, the good solution which causes both of them joy.BOOK RECOMMENDATION: Bopp Hoppál: Breastfeeding - Breastfeeding for WomenRelated articles:
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