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9 lesson lessons for parents

9 lesson lessons for parents

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There are things that are uselessly warned about in advance, only if we experience them in our own skin.

Being beautiful is wonderful, but not simple

When I was a kid, my mom always gave birth to not get stuck in the shower curtain rail. I liked to balance the tub wide, clinging to the bar above my head, lifting one of my toes into the air. I was wondering if I could lift both of my legs at the same time. My mother asked me for millions of times not to do it because it would end badly. Ъra and ъra again said. But I hadn't listened to it until I had a really bad end. I was 10 years old, spread out on the floor because the shower curtain rod was broken. Mom was very upset. "I told you it would be," he warned. He was right. But there are lessons you can only learn in your own body. That is it. We have a lot of knowledge in Szllkken that we like to share with each other. We give advice, make suggestions, talk about us, and how it happened. Which is a very good thing because we can protect our parents from so many troubles. However, there are lessons that we have to experience on our own skin. Sometimes only we can do it, we work and we don't. And sometimes I think others don't know what they're talking about. Then, when we experience it, we realize that we know very well that we were just too overwhelmed to accept their advice. We think we can get stuck in the shower curtain. But no.9 now you can read some useful tips from other parents and it is worthwhile to take them. Of course, only if you don't want to study on your own.

1. Learn from the Boards

It took me almost 40 years to be willing to accept the advice of others. If somebody advises you, they do because they already know what you are not, not really, or just to talk to you.

2. There is one that takes a lot of goodies

It's so delicious, of course. But there is a line between sweet food and some sweet food. You'd better discover it before you're too tired.

3. Take time to find your way to sleep (at least a little)

There are some families whose co-existence is about to happen. For others, sleeping. And there are people who have exhausted everything in the world to sleep with their children, but the only thing that has helped is time. And they have a lot of coffee. And the fact that they could complain to anybody at any time about how little they slept.

4. Learn who your true friend is

A true friend is not the one who only responds to your messages when you need something to do. Nor is he who comes above you when you admit you have no idea what to do. The real friend is the one who responds to your message at 2 am saying that I don't know what the hell to do.

5. Do not give your child a roundabout before traveling

I said enough. Trust me.

6. Always use a tampon or pad

Because you are sure to come up two days earlier (surprise!) When you are in a swimming pool and you can't buy a tampon anywhere.

7. Your body is wonderful!

I hate the six wrinkles on my forehead. My thighs collapse, my stomach looks like I'm three months pregnant. My body kept me nervous until I became sick. Then I realized that I was feeling that my body was still there. A stomach stomach made me realize how awesome, strong and beautiful my body was.

8. Guilt can go to hell

The parents are programmed to they are constantly feeling guilty. We have a consciousness when we go to work, we have a consciousness when we stay at home. We have a consciousness when we let them eat a meal, but also when we buy vegan food from our college. We feel guilty when we spend too much time with children, but also when we spend too little time. And damn it, we have guilt, even if we have no guilt. Last fall, I missed my son's little game and confessed to a friend that I had no sense of guilt at all. Well, at that moment I became aware of that.

9. Be careful when giving advice

Poor people have no idea what they are talking about. There are things you need to get your hands on. And yes, there are lessons you will only learn on your own quiz. The original article can be read here.
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