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Advent wreath with dried orange

Advent wreath with dried orange

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Advent wreath with dried orange

Cheerful and perfect.


- straw wreath base
- keep it cool (I'll tell you honestly, I'm not a botanist, it's definitely not a pine tree, but it lasted me a lot last year!)
- glue gun or flower binder drill (I drew about 5 centimeters of drill with teeth and folded small corners inside)
- a large grapefruit or orange or ready-made dried fruit slices
- 8 Fahayjrъd
- red raffia bandage
- 2 meter Christmas ribbon (this type has a weak drum on the edges, so it is easier to fold a nice braid)
- 4 candles, still fragrant! :)
- 4 candlesticks


I started my wreath by fixing the pine trees to the base with tiny drumsticks. It can be replaced with a glue gun, but it is easier to remove scattered bits from the wreath if you want to use the foundation for your future. I made the fruit rings two days before that. For a red wreath, I think the pink grapefruit is the most beautiful, but it is just an appeal. I sliced ​​the fruit, chose the largest rings (the smaller ones went for the other ones), I dried them on a convector, but they can also be put in a lukewarm oven, the fact is that they have to be very careful not to get there! I stitched the red rods together with the red raffia, then twisted the grapefruit slices and drilled them into the wreath. I made some tape out of the ribbons and covered the middle of the ribbon with an extra piece of ribbon. I put the masks on the candle holders one at a time on the chair. I burned the upper spike of the candlestick, and so I spilled the candle, because if you do it cold, the bottom of the candle may burst. So the candles would catch the ribbons there. :) At the very end, I arranged the candles in the wreath symmetrically. The wreath is ready. Unfortunately, I could only claim that I had already collected two candles, but I hope you still like it! Do you like this wreath? Press a "foot" here to win your SmileMыhey prize!