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Call back one of the rewards because it can cause a nervous system problem

Call back one of the rewards because it can cause a nervous system problem

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We call back one of the known food producers because one of the ingredients has a food safety risk.

Univer broccoli steaks with chicken meat (source: According to an announcement on the National Food Chain Safety Authority's website, Univer has been responsible for the use of food in the NIBIH country. The test revealed atropine from foreign plants at levels above the acceptable level. The study of compounded derivatives is in progress. Until this test confirms that the product is safe to consume, it is Univer immediately calls back identifiable 163 grams of packaging information from the website. Univer asks the affected consumers not to consume the goods they have already purchased. They add that single or short-term consumption of the product is not harmful to health. THE tropan alkaloids the toxic active substances of some plants, which can be found in all parts of the plant, including in the seed. It is well known in the art that atropine, which is also used for medicinal purposes, is acceptable in quantities of several times a day for foods. Foods, fodder during the harvest of plants, contaminated with weeds. Larger amounts of tropane alkaloids into the body to influence the functioning of the central and autonomic nervous system. It can cause lumps, mumps and other nervous system symptoms.Nebi has found and withdrawn contaminated spices several times over the past few months. As a general rule, until the examinations are completed, the agency has recommended that everyone cook the cumin kernel before cooking and have a thorough taste and taste before using it.