Abdominal stomachs during pregnancy - will I have abortion?

Abdominal stomachs during pregnancy - will I have abortion?

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During pregnancy, most women are overwhelmed when they experience strange symptoms for no apparent reason. In addition to the vaginal bleeding, the abdominal cramps are the ones that are most worrying about getting pregnant, as they can be a sign of a miscarriage or premature birth.

Abdominal stomachs during pregnancy - will I have abortion?Dr. Attila Rajnai, the Center for Nizhnyabashi's birthplace, said what can cause cramps and when to think about bigger problems.

No matter which phase of pregnancy is in progress

First trimester

Lower abdominal cramps can occur during any phase of pregnancy, but it is not uncommon to see how strong and frequent the mothers feel during the third week. Early pregnancy may be accompanied by complaints of mildness, mild confusion with PMS, and in many cases, women may not be able to control the condition. In these cases, the use of simethicone active compounds, which may eliminate complaints within a short period of time, is also possible and is safe for the baby.

Second trimester

As the womb grows, so do the tapes that hold on to what the expectant mother may experience in the form of abdominal pain. However, this is usually distinguished from other nodules in that it is typically a part of the abdomen, one side of the head. Beyond this, previous surgery can be strained, and scarring of the former cesarean section may occur, which can lead to lower abdominal complaints.

Third trimester

In the third trimester, spasticity and abdominal shrinkage may be more common (hardness may occur in the ovaries of the ovary as much as in the second trimester). For the ъn begins. Braxton-Hicks-like whimsies that prepare the baby. There are some who write for months, some write only weeks / days before birth. What is important is not to be strong, regular and to experience less than 10 times a day for a pregnant woman (if she is pregnant before 37 weeks, she may be premature). It is worth knowing that in the last trimester, the size and power of the baby's fetal movements are extremely powerful and can sometimes be quite painful, says dr. Attila Rajnai, the Center for Nursing in Newcastle.You also need to drop your regular baby juveniles. These can come up any time after week 37, and are initially irregular and then become more regular. (It is worth to go to the town with 5 minutes cobblestones).

When do you indicate stigma or premature birth?

It is very important to be able to distinguish between abortions / premature births from your normal status. The first and most important rule is that if the spasm is strong, frequent, regular, you should always consult a doctor, even if you do not have any bleeding! The baby then examines the condition of the baby, looks for baby signs, placenta, signs of infection, and puts the baby in advanced pregnancy ctg / nst. Attila Rhine recommends that in the case of spasms, the mother should first relax and take a raised dose of water-soluble magnesium. However, if the spasm is mild, you may have bleeding, or your complaint will still go away, luckily, higher doses of magnesium and sleep often help / but still, in many cases, it can be stopped with proper medical treatment, hospitalization.Related articles during stomach pregnancy:
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