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Magnesium - the baby pleasing

Magnesium - the baby pleasing

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During pregnancy, the body's magnesium requirements increase. Magnesium intake must be increased to keep the baby safe.

More magnesium is needed during pregnancy

Magnesium is required for almost all enzymes and for all metabolic processes. Not only can you complain of muscle cramps, loss of appetite, headaches, but you also have detectable arrhythmias, depression and an increase in the risk of thrombosis. The problem is most pronounced during pregnancy: the common muscle spasm, which is the most common form of the calf - is definitely a sign of magnesium deficiency. Failure to meet the needs of the organization can lead to miscarriage and premature birth.

Why isn't there enough?

Perhaps when humanity was eating according to the needs of evolution, it was not a problem to magnйziumhiбny. But now many factors are obstructing the proper utilization of magnesium. For example, a diet that contains a lot of fat and a lot of white. It also doesn't help if you drink a lot of cold or other soda ash because phosphate inhibits magnesium absorption.If you are increasing your calcium intake due to pregnancy, you have to consume much more than magnesium, because calcium reduces the utilization of magnesium. According to research, most people are already eating magnesium deficiency. When you baby, your body's magnesium needs will increase, as your baby's nervous system, musculoskeletal system, and muscles need to be supplemented with this important substance. Of course, the fetus gets what it needs, you can manage the remains. That is why the early stages of pregnancy are characterized by the presence of a calf and other symptoms of magnesium deficiency.

Dangerous lack

We know that the bee practicing almost from the beginning of pregnancy, training for birth: it concentrates. This phenomenon is almost never felt by the pregnant mother during the first trimester, but as the pregnancy progresses, she becomes more intense. However, if the concussions are painful or if you feel a concurrent dull pain, seek medical attention. Be aware that it will offer increased magnesium intake, reducing the chance of miscarriage or premature birth.These may also be of interest in magnesium:
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