We're sorry for the move!

We're sorry for the move!

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I'm unable to move Zhufi in the morning, we get it everywhere - Mariann said. Well, some good idea from other parents.

We're sorry for the move!

Parent Ideas for Moving Your Kid to Keep Your Family Familiar

I'll get up soon ...
Because my baby loves fairy tales - especially the ones we invent for her - I tend to put a fairy tale on different garments. Which just reminds me of them. As I begin the story, he, like the warrior warrant, is waxed, does not oppose, and does not run after every garment.
AnnaWho wins today?
We spend on the race. Anyone who wins will get something smaller in the front of the car or in the shop. In 2 years I couldn't win, I'm slow ...
We do the same thing twice with two kids! It was good for me to tell who and what we were going to play, walk, enjoy, and make up for afterwards, and then "hurry"!
We dress the clothes the night before, and we often talk about going to bed at bedtime, yes, we go to the door, and so on.
I just wake up an hour before they wake up, toothbrushes, stepping toothpicks ready. So we're in 25 minutes. Then we set off for the family holiday. I'll take the smaller one with me milk and whisper, talk, sing, talk ... all the time on the bus. :)
I'll move on first. I open the door so I don't warm up and calmly sing and tell a story to move in with the little one. Trumpets in your sleeve are similar.
Of course, this is a good time to start when the situation is not stressful.
If you have a bigger body, they are willing to take part in it, helping the smaller one - so is ours. Alright, we're ready for the three, but generally the mood is good. It's important to keep everything in place so you don't have to search nervously.
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