Programming for the weekend

Programming for the weekend

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Animal music books, specialty holidays, creative arts and crafts - these are just a few of the programs we collect. Look inside, take advantage of the weekend!

Eszter Bнrу comes out with a new children's album and a theatrical production. Two of his own children were inspired to teach and love the alphabet letters through songs and related games almost to school and school age. The show, which will take place on April 14, will be interactive, with lots of games, humor, good music, and a variety of musical genres. In addition to loving the alphabet, songs are also about animals, about the environment, about eating right, and about tolerance between children.
Ticket price: 1000 Ft
Location: Klebelsberg Culture Center
Budapest II., Templom u. 2-10.
Date: 11am

A specialty holiday in the Few Garden

An annual tradition at the ELTE Fresco Garden is the annual specialty holiday, always associated with the April Japanese cherry tree blossom, the Japanese traditional holiday, Ohanami. The Garden is open on April 13th and 14th, and you will find the exact program on the Garden Garden website. There will be more crafts and children's activities in the spirit of spring and Japanese culture, martial arts presentation, Japanese drum ensemble, Kanji dance, Japanese manga and comic club show, Sakuhachi.
Beléphoprak: adult ticket 850 Ft, student and pension ticket 400 Ft, family ticket (2 adults + 2 children) 2000 Ft
Location: Füvyskert
Budapest VIII., Illйs u. 25th
Opening hours: 9am to 5pm

MUS-E - Creative Arts Workshop

The MUS-E (Musique-Europe) pilot program was launched in 1993 by the renowned violinist and humanist thinker Yehudi Menuhin. The essence of the arts-education program is that children, through the arts, receive impulses that make them receptive to and interpret the externalities of the outside world. Official artists participating in the program are represented in a variety of art disciplines - music, dance and theater, and craftsmanship. Leaders at MUS-E workshops meet these artistic disciplines in a creative way related to music. The event will be April 13th.
Children of school age can participate in the program with their parents.
Ticket: 1000 HUF per child
Location: Palace of the Arts
Budapest IX., Komor Marcell u. First
Date: 16.00-17.30


If you are nostalgic for it and show the kids how old the games were, take them to the Museum of Transportation for the weekend. The Bakelite from the Pobedit through the Moon Car to the Cube of Expansion presents the history of the Hungarian Toy Company between 1945 and 1989. The exhibits include prototypes of more than 300 games, filler traffic cards, games that have been found in every child's room for decades, and those that are 50 years old and still available today. The exhibit featured a look at the late '70s interior panel, with age-specific toys, and a gaming office that recalled the 1950s.
Price list: full price 1400 Ft, discounted ticket 700 Ft
Location: Museum of Transport
Budapest, XIV., Vřrosligeti krt. 11th
Opening hours: 10 am-5pm

Restless Micu, or all the treasure of the world

On April 14, the Erzsébetliget Színhbaz will present the Unruly Micu story through a jazz tale. Micu's true tales live on the top of the Rocky Mountain. By his name, he doesn't bother to wait and opens the chest he thinks is his father's treasure. In the sudden confusion, she thinks the treasures are gone. Rice-bird with treasure traces treasures…
Beléphabar: adult ticket 1200 Ft, child ticket 900 Ft, family ticket 3200 Ft
Location: Erzsébetligeti Sznhbaz
Budapest, XVI., Hunyadvбr u. 43rd
Date: 11am

Spring break with the band Sebesvнz

Spring Day Ballroom, Ball, Story, Gentlemen April 13th. Take the kids and watch the wrestling wrestling of St. George's wrath with the relentless wail!
The program is recommended for ages 5 to 12.
Beleophrak: adult ticket 600 Ft, child ticket 400 Ft, family ticket 1200 Ft
Location: Museum of the History
Budapest I., Döbrentei u. 15th
Date: 11am