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It is a cure for vaccination against cerebral inflammation

It is a cure for vaccination against cerebral inflammation

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There is a temporary shortage of vaccines in Budapest for vaccination against infectious meningitis B type vaccine.

Vaccination is a free vaccine against meningitis

So many people now want to be vaccinated against infectious cerebral inflammation that some pharmacies have run out of vaccines. This week, they allowed a larger import to be made - referring to the Hungarian Nation's report. import of larger quantities of foreign trade to the wholesaler. Pбllfynй Poуr Rita He stressed that we could not speak of national shortcomings, but that some vaccines are more restricted in supply. By the end of the third week of January, the deficit may be resolvedand with temporary licensing, the problem can be resolved and partial deficiencies can be resolved within a week. Vaccination against type C meningitis is free of charge for children under the age of two, and only a box fee is charged to parents, which can cost up to $ 300 a day. However, this does not enjoy any state support, so the vaccine can reach 120 thousand HUF.
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