Preventing Varicella: Multiple Cities Have Used Your Medium

Preventing Varicella: Multiple Cities Have Used Your Medium

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The introduction of vaccination against varicella has brought about a change: while the prevalence in the country is favorable, the number of infected people has drastically decreased in many cities.

Preventing Varicella: Multiple Cities Have Used Your Medium

The number of cases of varicella in cities where the local government has chosen to do so is financing the vaccination for local children. Hуdmezхvбsбrhelyen, where about a thousand children were vaccinated, the number of infections that caused 300 diseases in 2013 drastically dropped to 41 people last year as a result of a one-year program, so more and more people are putting their vaccine program on the agenda.Kaposvron and Eger there are also hundreds of children in the city, most funded by the city. Cost-effectiveness analyzes show that if the vaccine were included in the national emergency vaccine system, it would save $ 1.5 billion per year by reducing the incidence of infection by 36,000 reported diseases last year. while the prevalence in the country is favorable, the number of infected people drops radically in many cities. Bбr йvek уta szу arrуl is that the anti-vakcinбt bбrбnyhimlх raise the national oltбsi order, tйrнtйsmentes vйdekezйs egyelхre against betegsйg only segнtsйgйvel the цnkormбnyzati finanszнrozбsъ programs йrhetх el.Hуdmezхvбsбrhely 2015 oktуberben the county jogъ vбrosok kцzьl elsхkйnt indнtott бtfogу vйdхoltбsi the program bбrбnyhimlх- against infection. In this context, children in the Heathfield and young people under the age of 18 who have not yet fallen ill could receive emergency vaccination; with about 7,600 children and adolescents in the city. "The program allows any family, regardless of their financial situation, to have access to the vaccine, which is a critical request because it can mean so much financial burden. he said dr. Kushu Peter alpolgбrmester. "The цnkormбnyzat бtvбllalta the szьlхktхl szьksйges the vйdettsйg elйrйsйhez kйt dose oltуanyag бrбt the hбzi pediatricians and vбllaltбk to tйrнtйsmentesen adjбk the oltбsokat." Under the program belьl has 1375 doses igйnyeltek the kйtadagos oltуanyagbуl the vбrosban, which biztosнtottak vйdettsйget about 800 children in the against disease. An additional 191 doses of the vaccine were administered in the surrounding small area. As a result, the program drastically dropped the number of reported varicella infections, which ranged from 100 to 300 in the past year, peaking in 2013 when 301 cases were registered. The Vaccination Program Has Been Rapid: By November 15 last year, only 41 cases were reported in the city. The Vaccination Program was example followed in 2016 by Kaposvár, Eger and most recently in Miskolc your city about a supported vaccination program against varicella. You can also get it in Turbokin, SzĂžzhalombatta and JĂĄszbĂĄny without any fees parents for the vaccine.Kaposvár decided in February last year that the receive regular child protection benefits 140 toddlers for free, other family members are in charge of 3,000 forints they can get the two doses of vaccine, which cost about 20,000 forints. As a result of the municipal campaign, more than 700 children are eligible for protection, increasing the vaccination rate of the affected age group from 20 to 90 percent.Sieve Kбroly, the mayor of Somogy County, explained the decision: "It was a decisive role in the birth of the municipal program when two home pediatricians called for help from the immunized you have serious events against chickenpox, as few people can buy the vaccine for financial reasons. Now, almost 100% of Kaposvár toddlers will be protected against varicella, while before the vaccine was approved by the local government, only 20% of the parents could defend the vaccine. The city is providing around $ 14 million to its residents. "The mayor added:" The city is committed to prevention. If the varicella vaccine is included in the National Vaccination Program, we will also spend resources to prevent it. " He was born in Eger and lives there. By the end of November, pediatricians had delivered hundreds of doses of vaccine, completing several hundreds of vaccinations for the children. , deputy mayor of the county seat. We are now concentrating on the smallest and advocating for varicella, as in previous years there was a lot of varicella in our town. Eligible Small Parents Can Obtain Supported Vaccine From Home Pediatricians And Defendants' Statute. " thousand, an increase of 146% compared to 2014. Pancreatitis, which affects young children, pregnant mothers, large families with children and sick adults, has increased to 36,000 more than last year, which is higher than the median of the last year. The County Council of Officials of the United States officially initiates this. "In the cities that provide the vaccine, the evolution of the patient's number proves the effectiveness of the vaccine," Dr. Pytta GyцrgyChairman of the Home Pediatricians Association. Because of the high number of cases, it would be beneficial for a Negro to have all small children in the country receive vaccination against varicella before moving to the community. This is possible if, like other European countries, it is included among the mandatory vaccines. Megjegyzendх the hasonlу betegsйgek than rуzsahimlх, mumps йs the anti kanyarу vйdхoltбs you have already tцbb than 25 йve rйsze the kцtelezх oltбsi order. "This is not csupбn the jбrvбnyok megelхzйse szempontjбbуl is jelentхsйge but szбmottevх megtakarнtбst eredmйnyezne the csalбdi kasszбk йs the kцzponti kцltsйgvetйs Introducing a vaccine into the National Immunization Program would cost the state approximately $ 1.5 billion, but this amount would double to about $ 3 billion each year. We also consider working days, money spent on care, non-viable nurseries, and cost-effectiveness analyzes suggest that the vaccine program could save $ 1.5 billion a year by raising it to a national level.

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The beagle hymen a the most common reported infectious disease in our country: fever, itchy blistering, up to 2-3 weeks infectiously transmitted up to 90 percent of children. Varicella-zoster virus causing varicella can also be transmitted by drip infection, but it is not necessary for b -6% can cause a variety of events - bacterial infections, encephalitis, pneumonia, neurologic changes - and can rarely be fatal. " it is not only dangerous for immunocompromised children; it can be an event in children who are perfectly healthy, ”Dr. Gyorgy Putta confirmed. Disease also poses an increased risk for families with many children, and is usually diminished until the end of the disease. " Various countries in the EU have decided to include the varicella vaccine as part of a compulsory national vaccination program, such as Germany, Austria, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Latvia, Greece, and Spain (also Spain). According to data from 4,2 million cases of carcinoma of the community each year, 4,200 cases result in death of the patient, which is why vaccination against WHO is also recommended in the WHO vaccination recommendation.Related articles:
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