Start your day with a sweet breakfast! - Recipes

Start your day with a sweet breakfast! - Recipes

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It is worth trying out the sweet potatoes in the kitchen, as you can make great treats, not just crunch, but also breakfast, main course and dessert.

Start your day with a sweet breakfast! Czanik Balz and Andrz KovacsYou should sneak in to breakfast because, in addition to its extraordinary taste, it is very healthy due to its low glycemic burden. not only can you discover new tastes, but you are also looking for health, because sweet potatoes have a low glycemic load, meaning they do not suddenly raise blood sugar levels, so they do not burden the body, "he says. Czanik Balzzs, the creator of Capoeira Aerobics, who Kovács András Organic Potato Grower shows you many options for making sweet potatoes in your recipe book.


30 ml of couscous
1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
1 espresso coffee
50 g fresh or roasted sweet potatoes
120 ml milkELKЙSZНTЙS
Blend the ingredients with a light touch (with the exception of espresso). Pour it into a glass and sprinkle the espresso on top, then drizzle with couscous and chia seeds as desired.
Energy: 258kcal, white: 5g, carbohydrate: 47g / of which sugars: 30g /, fiber: 3g, fat: 4g, saturated fatty acids: 2g


2 dl of yogurt
1 medium roasted sweet potatoes
5 tbsp oatmeal
According to Nelson, it was fresh
1 teaspoon of brown cinnamon
fél db sour applesELKЙSZНTЙS
Mix the yogurt with the oatmeal. Dice the sweet potato and mash it in the microwave for a few minutes. Meanwhile, dip the apples and yoghurt in the yogurt oatmeal mixture in a bowl of muesli and mix them thoroughly. According to your name, check it out! T Б P Й R T Й K
Energy: 493kcal, white: 19g, carbohydrate: 70g / of which sugars: 26g /, fiber: 11g, fat: 11g, saturated fatty acids: 5g


1 small head purple onion
4 pieces of eggs
5 dg grated cheese
1 small size sweet potato, which according to your taste may be yellow, purple or white
5kg of steamed smoked baconE L K Й S Z Н T Й S
You will only need one pan for this recipe. Carefully flare the bacon over a blanket (even though you can't accidentally spill it out) and remove it into a bowl. Throw the purple onion over the grease grease, get it a little. Finally add the diced sweet potatoes and chew the whole thing. Whisk eggs, grate cheese, stir, mix, and go for the beautifully blended sweet potato mix and sear. And finally, drizzle with finely chopped bacon! T Б P Й R T Й K
Energy: 770kcal, white: 44g, carbohydrate: 28g / of which sugars: 8g /, fiber: 4g, fat: 53g, saturated fatty acids: 14g
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