Are Sugar-Free Products Helpful?

Are Sugar-Free Products Helpful?

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Be careful with sugar-free drinks and snacks, as they can damage your teeth just as much as their sugary counterparts. Dr. It was described by Gergх Komбromy-Poros dentist.

The destructive effect is due to the acid

According to recent research, sugar-free yokes and sports drinks also weaken the tooth decay. Experts at the University of Melbourne have researched 23 different types of sugar-free drinks and found that those with acidic ingredients and those with low pH levels can significantly d And there is tooth decay, but few people know why acidic drinks can ruin a tooth - regardless of its sugar content. THE sugar forms plaques on the tooth surface, which plaques are considered acidic due to complex processes. This acid is the one that actually attacks the tooth.

Sugar-free yeast can also be defective

Therefore, acidic beverages are also sugar-free, meaning that sugar-free sugar alone does not necessarily protect teeth. In addition, the acid in the tooth enamel goes deeper and also softens the tooth's inner material.

What can be done?

First and foremost, we need to be clear that there is practically no difference in teeth between sugary and non-sugary, acidic foods and beverages. These include not only water and sports drinks, but also freshwater.
  • Always read the list of ingredients in sugar-free products and look for any acid, such as citric or phosphoric acid.
  • If you drink an acidic drink or food, expect at least an hour of brushing your teeth, as doing it first may break the softened tooth. It is best to rinse your mouth with clean water after eating and drinking.
  • After an acidic meal, drink sugar-free starch, which enhances the honeysuckle production and the hormone neutralizes the acid effect.
  • If you choose them, either swallow them, or swallow them relatively quickly to get in touch with the enamel as quickly as possible.
  • Choose pure water more often when you are thirsty!

  • When should I consult a dentist?

    "Regular annual dental check-ups can bring light to early changes," says dr. Gergh Kombromy-Poros, dentist at Oxygen Medical. - Because the destructive work of the acid, it slowly "ill" the tooth, breaks the tooth enamel, and then leads to the loss of important diseases. This triggered a process with the following statements:
  • The sensitivity of the teeth appears, which can be observed when consuming mainly cold or hot foods and drinks.
  • As the enamel becomes thinner, signs of tooth decay and wear can be seen.
  • Both sensitivity and irritability are increased.
  • The tooth edges become translucent and small indentations on the tooth surface can be observed.
  • In extremely advanced conditions, severe damage may even require the removal of teeth.

  • Fortunately, we can help in every phase, or in severe cases, toothpaste the lost tooth - emphasizes dr. Komбromy-Couples Gergh dentist.