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The most common warnings

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Transformation often develops in the form of smaller drugs and can be very severe, depending on the type of toxin produced by the disease in the background of the infection. If the cause cannot be clearly identified, then healing is more difficult.

Nutrition is in fact a contamination of human food from contaminated food, not true poisoning (except for eating fungi or fish). Compliance with basic hygiene rules can prevent food contamination. Therefore, place in the refrigerator only the vegetables that have been cleaned and thoroughly washed and the eggs are safely removed from the rest of the food.

Use only perfectly clean dishes when cooked

When making home-cooked meats, jams, and pickles, we must carefully care for cleanliness. Unwanted, clean-washed glasses, neglected coppers or seals lead to food spoilage. In addition, overdose can cause severe symptoms. Sea fish or other seafood from unreliable sources and fungi can also cause some poisoning.

There you are, crooks

Gastrointestinal disorders most commonly occur with gastrointestinal symptoms: nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, diarrhea. You may also experience symptoms with some headaches. Complaints may vary depending on the type of bacterium (bacterium, virus, mucus, chemical, contaminant) selected for infection or poisoning. The doctor usually makes the diagnosis based on the symptoms.If others also suffer from the same malady, the source of the infection can be clearly identified. Laboratory examination reveals the disease from suspected food and from a sample of patients.Possible infections associated with gastrointestinal infections include bacteria (Staphylococci, Salmonella species, Coli bacteria, Clostridium botulinum, Shigella, etc.), viruses (entero-, adenoids, etc.), rotavourins, etc.Diarrhea drugs are usually selected from pathogens that are predominantly spread with contaminated food or drinking water. These drugs can affect infants, children and adults, and can spread from person to person if they do not wash their hands thoroughly after using the toilet.


Non-typhoidal Salmonella infection is a more common summer disease. It is characterized by sudden onset of nausea, flatulence, vomiting, abdominal cramping and severe aqueous diarrhea. It also often presents with fever, which usually occurs within 2 to 5 days. Symptoms occur after consuming contaminated food for 6-12 hours. The decision to treat is fluid reflux, but the doctor should be consulted. Since important minerals (eg potassium, magnesium) are also eliminated from the body, they must be supplemented with an electrolyte solution, as well as with sweet milk, sulfuric acid-free juice, and fruit juice. Twenty-two kitchens should be taken twice a day. If your body's ability to perform is already weak due to something (eg AIDS patients, cancer patients, etc.), your doctor may need to have a rigorous examination to make sure that you have a diagnosis. In the case of bulk nutrition, it is difficult to find and cure all concerned.


Nowadays, in Europe, the disease is practically non-existent, and tourists usually come home from tropical countries as travel memories. Pathogens of the staphf a Salmonella typhi called bacterium, which causes serious infection. Usually gets into the body with contaminated food and water. Symptoms are usually noticeable 8 to 15 days after the infection: with disease onset, gradually increasing fever, headache, loss of throat, cessation of heartburn, on the arms and on the feet, bumps appear in groups, in the form of small red spots. By the third week, it manifests itself in the form of diarrhea-like peas. Frequent inflammation often leads to cardiac deceleration and extreme fatigue. In some cases, it can lead to shock. In such cases, a doctor should be consulted. In the meantime, the patient should lie down in an upright or supine position, alternating with water, lightly broth, sugared water as much as desired. It is important to treat the fever with medications recommended by your doctor so that the fever does not obstruct the discharge. If the patient dries out so much that he or she falls, we must call for an ambulance. Treatment consists mainly of water loss and antibiotic treatment. Immediate antibiotic administration prevents more than 99% of the infected and prevents the development of the disease. It may take several months for the toil.


Food-borne botulism, also known as sausage poisoning, is a rare, life-threatening poisoning. THE Clostridium botulinum mйreganyag produced nevы baktйrium posts by these people is caused by that the known toxins legerхsebb kцzй tartozik.A not megfelelхen sterilizбlt hбzilag tartуsнtott йlelmiszerek, hбzi tцltйsы hentesбruk, lejбrt szavatossбgъ kйszйtelkonzervek, beef, sertйs- йs szбrnyashъsok, fish, tejtermйkek, zцldsйgfйlйk, gyьmцlcsцk, fыszerek include sources of infection. The infection can be prevented by thorough cooking of the food, proper care and strict observance of hygiene rules. Clostridium botulinum sporadic bacterium. These wings remain asleep for years under unfavorable conditions. When conditions turn good, that is, enough nutrients, moisture, and oxygen are lacking, the spores are transformed into bacteria, begin to reproduce and produce mate- rials. After entering the body, the latency usually lasts one to two days, but it can occur much sooner and later. The more signs you get into your body, the sooner your symptoms develop. lifting eyelid). Then the patient experiences severe fatigue, falls, difficulty in speaking, eating and swallowing. The limbs muscles and sphincter muscles are getting weaker, and the nerves responsible for the muscles are being damaged. If symptoms occur, they should seek immediate medical attention and seek medical help. Treatment should be started before the diagnosis is confirmed by laboratory tests.


This sickness is a Listeria monocytogenes It is caused by a bacterium called nevы. This bacterium can be found everywhere in the environment, in the gut of non-human mammals, birds, gulls and crustaceans. Listeriбbуl each of us puts in a small amount a day, which is harmless as long as we are healthy. Legfogйkonyabbak the liszteriуzisra the ъjszьlцttek, seventy йvesnйl idхsebbek йs cause vetйlйst the legyengьlt immunrendszerы emberek.A fertхzйs vбrandуs nхk esetйben, йs sъlyos kцvetkezmйnyekkel jбrhat the AIDS йs rбkbetegeknйl the krуnikus betegeknйl (diabetic subjects, veseelйgtelensйgben szenvedхk etc) as well. Laxative bacteria are usually absorbed into the body by eating contaminated raw greens and dairy products. The first sign of the disease is fever, and then, with the growth of bacteria, the infection can spread to the blood, the brain, the lymph nodes, the eyes and the valves of the eye. The fever drips, and the neurobehavioral symptoms disappear in about 10 days. Antibiotic treatment should be continued for up to twenty days.


Poisoning by sea fish, shells, snails, crabs can be serious. Their effects are similar to certain allergic reactions. The symptoms vary depending on the type of substance: nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, numbness, headache, myalgia, dermal, itchy skin, etc. These whiplashes multiply secrete a nerve marker (neurotoxin). The first symptoms occur after two hours of eating the shellfish. These are mainly due to numbness of the limbs, weakening of muscle tone and complaints of the digestive system. In the case of these types of complaints, you should seek medical attention, as there are some cases of serious, poisoning poisoning. If there is a double vision beyond the symptoms mentioned, emergency hospital treatment is recommended.- Histamine mйrgezйst It is usually caused by the consumption of tuna and mackerel that is caught poorly after being caught. If the fish is not immediately frozen, large amounts of histamine are formed in the tissues that start to decay. Immediately after consuming the fish, histamine is blushed, followed by nausea, vomiting, stomach ache and fraud. With the help of medical treatment, which is usually administered with antihistamines, complaints disappear within one day.They may also be interested in:
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