Help for premature babies

Help for premature babies

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Help for premature babies

About three thousand newborns and premature babies every year are considered safer with Peugeot donations.

Peugeot offered laboratory centrifuge at Semmelweis University II. No. Clinic of Birth and Obstetrics for Early Intensive and New Century.
- Previously, we used a centrifuge made in 1968 in the clinic, but many times it overpowered its lifespan and became irreparable. The clinic does not have a home laboratory, a blood test next to the bed, and this kit is essential for transfusion and bilirubin testing, emphasized dr. Andobil's Nobilis Head of Division.

dr. Andobil's Nobilis Head of Division

More than 140 years ago, Peugeot owners introduced social services in a unique way at that time: sickness assistance, free care for patients, insurance, hospital care, retirement benefits, and employees. Care and responsibility have also played an important role in the life of the lion brand since then, said Gyabgy Kutas, Managing Director of Peugeot Hungárria Kft.
II. Birth and Pregnancy Clinic No. 1 in Neonatal Integrity and Neonatal in 2011, more than 3,400 neonates and 880 neonates were born, nearly double the age of six. Among small patients, there is an increasing number of very low birth weight, less than 1,000 grams, the smallest child of the past year, 360 grams. They need to be tested several times a day. The lab tool you receive now provides intensive care, with a variety of centrifuge heads to sweep blood samples taken in different ways, so you can reduce the blood pressure of premature babies. With the help of $ 1 million worth of new cookware, the clinic will be able to carry out these measurements more simply and safely.


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