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The color of the reception and back

The color of the reception and back

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It was an international success when, after a hundred years, a new Child Protection Act was born in 1997, which strengthened children's rights through comprehensive measures.

However, the majority of professionals, besides the joy, have already seen the law's pediatric illnesses.té
Now, as a matter of urgency, the Parliament has decided on a draft law regulating the protection of children and the adoption system. According to experts, this is not a problem - this time is needed to thoroughly consider and verify where the child is going, in every detail.

Who, how and when?

The Pikler-Lуczy Society, together with the International Pikler Emmi Foundation, and similar foreign companies, held a conference on the 100th anniversary of its birth.
Twenty-one and thirty-six professionals from twenty-one countries discussed current challenges and opportunities for parent-child care, bereavement therapy, foster care, and foster care.
The conference speakers also asked the Ministry of Health, Social Affairs and Family Affairs about where the adoption law is.
- There are still few children who can be adopted in such a way that they meet the standards in every respect. Pre-procedure records include, among others, the child's age, gender, birth and religious affiliation.
- The draft law was also examined by Attila Petertervi and Jen Kaltenbach ombudsmen, and no comments were made, says dr. László Forgcs, head of department for the Department of Family Law and Child Protection. - Later, they "woke up" and objected to the origin and religious affiliation on this page - so these items were omitted from the law. They are still fundamental questions about adoption, as is whether the child has any illness. The needs are mainly directed at children under the age of three who are acutely healthy and do not belong to any of the problems - Roma, color skin ethnicity.
- Foreign adoptions show another pattern. These illnesses are not exclusive causes, as are origin and age.
- There were also anomalies in this area, for example, not informing the Hungarian authorities about the subsequent fate of the child. Occasionally, the country in question did not even follow through with the appropriate procedures, and it was possible that some young children had returned to Hungary strangely when the new parents had "killed" something. The principles of the Hague Convention, which governs foreign admission, were signed in 1993, and as soon as the official accession ceases, international regulations will be enforced in this field as well.
- Legislative changes are aimed at speeding up the adoption of a child and the procedure is in line with EU practice.
- They do not agree to make the process quicker - it is not about a car but a life-long decision. It is important that prospective parents are adequately cooked and even qualified as unfit. We have introduced the age limit - expect parents to be at least 16 and up to 45 years older.
- The law also changes when and how a mother can give up parental control.
- One of the passages of this is unconstitutional in my opinion, since only the courts can terminate the parental right, but this is not confirmed by practice. So you will need refinement. It was also a blatant state that after the resignation of the guardian, the status of the child had not been clarified at the time of adoption - now an official guardian should be appointed for this period.
- As of January 1, we have also regulated the activities of the Intermediate Adoptioners.
- Only those organizations that have professional backgrounds can obtain a license from the Ministry, and the amount they can get for each business complex is limited. This is three times the pension minimum, which is 60 thousand forints today. They can only deal with open adoption and children who are not raised in state care.

Let's start with Andy

Dr. Endre Czeizel, a professor of genetics, also has his opinion, which is surprising. We start talking almost dude and year and talk about really new things about people.
- There are important but dangerous factors when it comes to human choice. So we lifted our legs up to two, and this put a strain on the spine, and the women got the pelvis down - so the human being suffers so much from having a child in the world. Primarily because of the formation of the forebrain - the most important factor in our choice of man - this increased the size of the child's skull. Theoretically, he should have died of humanity, and that it never happened is a miracle of adaptation. For a child arrives prematurely in this world - a 9-month delivery is not enough, it would take at least another year to grow a baby who can have a baby and marry. 65 percent of the human brain develops after birth. As a result, the baby would be utterly incapacitated if her mother had neglected to care in the years to come. The first year of a baby's life after birth is the most important one - this is when the so-called synapses develop in the brain, which requires the indulgence of love, the attention, and the attention. If your baby is not in need and given care, even with the most professional care, about seventy percent of these synapses develop. The disadvantage is insignificant even if the child is not well off - because you can ask what it would have been like if you had received the full benefit.

Nightmare and reservations

The professor thinks it is a big mistake that even more pregnancies are not planned by us today, birth is possible.
- Most mothers do not live with the possibility of an abortion - either they cannot ask for it or they are already asking. There will still be 200 suicides each year due to unwanted pregnancy. And every week there is a baby killer…
- The practice of adopting is not a good thing, but it is always the best decision.
- The woman solves her unwanted problems, she gets a couple of children, and the baby can be in a good condition. But gypsy children don't have to be in such cases - even today, the idea is frightening, and these children are more likely to be backtracked.
- Open adoption needs to be better promoted, as this can end up losing your baby almost instantly and increasing your life chances. I reversed the possibility of a maternity pregnancy, based on the companies, as they would with prospective parents. Most importantly, it would be possible for married couples to have a genetically identical child where the woman is unable to bear a baby for medical reasons. We are still a long way from a child centered society - a deterrent example is that a 40-year-old woman will always look crazy if she wants to give birth.
- In a more cultivated world, it is no longer possible for a child to be raised with "genuine" parents or adopted, nasty "makarenku" slaps. Even today, we still live with the idea that it is not worth the child to have one, two, timely placed broth, even a thoroughly ripped with a plastic line or a panty with a belt attached. "I was beaten by my parents, too - sounds unacceptable - and, while I'm here, I didn't have a problem."
- Did you?
- If you do not hurt your personality, why do you assert yourself in adulthood, why do you try to forcefully accept your point? It is time for the practicing parents to recognize once and for all: the child they helped bring to the world is not their exclusive property, but it is their exclusive responsibility. Like Salinger, the good-natured American Nero said, "The child is only a family, and it is our job to make this family brilliant, and to make our children brave.

Don't raise robots!

- It is becoming more and more common for us to feel that children's rights are coming to life, laws that are coming to the next generation, giving, at least in theory, every chance that the paths to the goal are not taken seriously.
- Parents can sometimes barely process the miracle of having a baby. They try to be good parents, I can tell you how much I love my child, but somehow they can't properly punish them. Recently I was visiting a really good family. At the center of their lives were two children, the larger one being 5 years old and the smaller one being eight months old. They make mistakes all the time. The little bit of the day is much more comfortable with the baby, the baby clings to the frame with its sleeping fingers, watching the "outside" world wistfully, and then lying snugly in the small cage and resting. And this is the goal - do not behave like a wheeled tractor, do not prepare and sleep in the room, because it still crushes the water, scratches the CDs and shakes the floor mat. There is silence and peace in the boats - in the evening, the dad throws the baby a little over the ceiling, and the thing is done by the rules of chivalry. But just as we need to have a baby, so must the baby from the moment of birth.
And as we need to pay attention, appreciation, praise - so does the child. Violence, beating, harsh demands can raise small robots - and revolt is inevitable.