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9 steps to keep your feed running smoothly

9 steps to keep your feed running smoothly

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Have fun eating and staying healthy! In short, we can sum up the goals when we first start to give the baby solid food.

1. Listen to the baby, not the requirements! Х will tell her what she likes and how much she wants to consume.2. Don't let the committal fight for you! If your child does not want to eat or not enough, then feel free to leave it at that. He will not starve himself.3. Use only one new ingredient at a time, and wait a few days for another introduction.4. Put it on the table in the feedersif you eat your family. You will see and learn how and what the big ones eat.5. Cook food for the family that they can tasteif you can. Examples include steamed, natural greens, dehydration, soft-boiled or baked meat, fruit, whole wheat flour, wholegrain cereals, wholemeal steaks, sugar-free steaks. Babies are primarily curious about what Mom and Dad are so eager to eat.

Cook food for the family that they can taste; Smaller greenery should always be sprayed

6. Don't Give Dangerous Size, so too small йtelt (pepper, beans, seeds) in your hand. Until he learns to speak, these important and healthy sayings are only cooked, cooked, or cooked in small pieces. Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds can also be cooked softly and enriched with vegetables or fruits.7. Don't let it run in your mouth, exercise, exercise. This is very dangerous due to the possibility of over-sighting.8. Get used to eating foods that are healthy, And what you eat. It is best if you are not familiar with sugar or sweets. The natural sweetness of fruits is enough!9. The food remains the food! That is, do not use it for punishment, for reward, for boredom, or for reassurance.More tips in this topic:
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