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Why did you have sex?

Why did you have sex?

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Can sex and recurrent urticaria be matched? The answer is from your mother-in-law.

I have a tendency to bladder disease, and from time to time I return to my life, though I can experience a little more unpleasant pain. It may be an accidental coincidence, but now for the third time, after a longer break, the symptoms will flare up after a more rewarding sex. I keep an antibiotic at home so I can start taking it right away when I feel the familiar, tingling sensation when I pee. It always helped, but how long can it continue? Could it not be prevented? I'm breastfeeding our seven-month-old baby, and the latest case came just after three months of sex.V. Ildi, EmailWhen my patients report similar, recurring complaints, I am thinking primarily of sexually transmitted infections, and my subsequent inquiries are directed towards the detection of this possibility. In my experience, the majority of women turn to their GPs for suspected urinary infections, where they are treated with penicillin, because they assume that the disease Business complaints are made or modified earlier, infections caused by chlamydia, urea plasma, and mycoplasma, for which penicillin is ineffective, should be excluded. Kimutatбsukra specifically and only for irбnyulу, tenyйsztйses vizsgбlattal lehetхsйg is not elйg the egyszerы vizeletvizsgбlat, nхknйl vбladйkmintбt in the hъgycsхbхl йs the mйhnyakbуl, fйrfiaknбl the hъgycsхbхl.Erre kerьl normally only take place if the patient is vйgьl betegsйgekkel nхgyуgyбsznбl or gender foglalkozу bхrgyуgyбsznбl kцt Who. There is a greater chance of chlamydia infection in a new partner, or in the case of a relationship with another partner, or even in the case of re-infection from the same partner. Chlamydia infections are not necessarily treated with these symptoms, as they are only present in the initial "fresh" phase of the disease, after which it is surprisingly difficult to recognize and treat properly can develop), it is worth taking the exam and treating it both. This is usually followed by macrolide antibiotics for two weeks.

A infection in the mountain can make the community frustrated

If the patient has previously received more antibiotic treatment for similar complaints, fungal infections of the fungal origin should be considered. Generally, when you are pregnant, it is easy to recognize when you are examining a woman. This is a fairly stubborn disease that can be cured by taking an oral antifungal medicine, and you also need to significantly reduce your sugar intake. During breastfeeding, the mucous membranes are also thinner, which may explain why more passionate sex brings back complaints again and again - says dr. Boros Judit szьlйsz-nхgyуgyбsz.