5 indispensable things for the Christmas atmosphere

5 indispensable things for the Christmas atmosphere

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Here are five ideas on how you can most easily get into the festive mood before Christmas.

Preparation for Christmas

1. Relocate the apartment

Many times in the past year, we have been expecting Christmas in sunny, eleven degrees Celsius. Therefore, at least we can conjure up a warm, festive atmosphere in the apartment. Let's light the big Christmas decoration box underneath the wardrobe and take out the decorations that we can decorate not only on the Christmas tree.
You can avoid the hammocks, the colorful garlands, the red manufac- tures hanging on the door hanging from the window handle and stealing a festive, smiling mood for the December holidays. If your child has the smallest ovis, then you can do some paper decorations, cone decorations, and then you can make your home a holiday with ready-made decorations!

2. Christmas movie, book, coloring

The Christmas fairytale tale can also help you tune in for Christmas. We can find our old fairy tales, our favorite holiday stories, but if we are a bit entrepreneurial and creative, we can also invent a Christmas story. If we don't feel well enough, let's talk about our old-fashioned Christmas, how the family spent the holidays at that time, what the traditions were, what the role was.
During this period, there are plenty of festive themed paintings available to bring the child to life, and the color scheme of the holiday apartment can also be used. (You can also find a printable color on the Internet here.) And on Advent Sundays, there will be a show, a Christmas slideshow and a fairy tale for the family to watch.

3. Sightseeing in the city and nature

From the first Sunday of Advent, settlements move into a festive setting, Advent fairs are opened, and the trees on the main streets are golden. We take the baby by the door, and now we do not have to take a car or take a bus, but discover our city in the spirit of Christmas. Look through the portals of the fairgrounds all the time, taste some Christmas spicy tea, and crunch a side dish. Let us breathe in the scents of the holiday, let yourself be captivated by the Christmas mood. (You can read about the major Advent programs in the country here.)

4. Music of Karcscsony

Do you listen to Christmas songs on vinyl records, or do you hear festive background music on cassettes, or did your own family choir sing pastors, pastors? Whatever the case, the Christmas tunes have been pouring into your heart forever, and when you are born, the mood of this holiday will revive you. Listen to Christmas songs during the Advent season.
There are plenty of Hungarian-language Christmas songs, learn first, and prepare for a mini-family concert for the Christmas reunion. What's more, you can now listen to an online radio show in the middle of the Danube where Christmas songs are sung 24 hours a day.

5. Karcscsonyi fragrance

The most typical fragrance for your holiday is a fenyхй. The Advent wreath is therefore worth making of real pine trees, because it can bring a real festive atmosphere to our home even in the weeks before Christmas. Similarly, the honeysuckle and cinnamon scent belong to the holiday.
If you have a few Christmas recipes before Christmas, you will already have a nice scent before the holidays, and you will surely have a good Christmas cookie too. You will also conjure up a Christmas scent in your home by splurging on a beautiful orange skin and adding cloves to the squares.
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