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YouKnowMe: Abortion moms campaign

YouKnowMe: Abortion moms campaign

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A new movement is being born, under the influence of American strict abortion laws. Celebrities, known and unknown people talk openly about their previous abortions.

Abortion-mothers share their stories

Is #YouKnowMe the New #MeToo?

The movement Busy PhilipsLaunched by an American celebrity, a celebrity presenter in response to recent abortions, most notably in the US, reports Busy Philips (Photo: Jordin Althaus / E! Entertainment / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images) The #YouKnowMe Synthesis the hashtag started a pro-movement movement Twitter, protesting the most stringent abortion law to date. In May, abortion was virtually banned in most states of the United States, Alabama, and now it is only possible to have an abortion if the mother's life is at risk, and the victims of crimes are not exempt. That's why I'm telling you this because I'm worried about the women and the girls who live in this country. I think we should talk more and share our stories with each other more often, "Philips said in the newsletter." "Instead of coming, every woman deserves to be unanimous in an intervention that gives birth to their own body." for women who are in a difficult decision-making situation right now.

I was 19, in college, and supporting my alcoholic father and little brother with a shit job. I was on the pill. I was doing everything I was "supposed" to do to pull myself from poverty. I'm now married to my father and we are raising 2 children in a great life #youknowme

? Mrs Marmo (@MissMarmo) May 15, 2019..
"I was 19, a college student, and I supported my little father with an alcoholic father with a very lousy job," says a mother. "I took a contraceptive pill, I did everything I could to get out of poverty. Now, I raise two kids with my husband." Another mother says, " I had an abortion. The couple was hated and supported, so much so that we were getting closer together. Now we have 2 children, 20 years together. "Tess Holiday model, who shared her story on Instagram: "I'm from Mississippi, I live in California, I'm a brat, I have 2 kids and I had an abortion," she says. "If I was still dying, I might not have a miscarriage now, which was necessary. My state of mind did not allow me to keep that pregnancy. , but also necessary. " The model also notes that the majority of Alabama abortion seekers are women who already have children. Thousands of women shared their stories to Philipps. The story reveals that there are a number of reasons why a woman has chosen to have an abortion: they were not ready for childbirth, had health concerns, or had a fetal abnormality, or a miscarriage. Whatever the reason for the decisions, safe and affordable abortion must remain an inalienable right for American women - reports
  • Alabama has virtually banned abortion
  • It is America's most stringent abortion law
  • Some people go to jail for not only abortion, but also abortion