Extra Money for Families in 2018 - More Details

Extra Money for Families in 2018 - More Details

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More details have emerged regarding the government's 2018 family policy plans. Katalin Novák spoke at the World Congress of Families on the idea of ​​student loan debt.

The Ministry of Human Resources tells the State Secretary for Family, Youth, and Children: January 1st, 2nd 3. Children are completely disregarded for loan repayment. It is also important to note that already existing children are included in the release - reports the Index.

Outline of the 2018 plans

At the opening of the congress, Viktor Orbán outlined the Government's plans for family policy in 2018. Families with two children will benefit from a further increase in the family tax credit, and those raising three or more children will be able to write off one million of their mortgage debt. They are also thinking of developing higher volumes of witchcraft. More details about the program can be found in our previous article.