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Another operation was performed by Hungarian doctors on the Sibiu twins

Another operation was performed by Hungarian doctors on the Sibiu twins

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Another successful operation was carried out by Hungarian doctors working on the separation of twin heads in Bangladesh.

Another operation was performed by Hungarian doctors on the Sibiu twinsAction According to Served Foundation Statement Brain Surgery Represents Medical Transition Second End On August 19, 2010, a doctor in Bangladesh said: Csуkay Andrбs, Hudb Istvn йs Gergely Pataki- to ease the twin twins, Rabia йs Rukia skulls for final separation.
The first operation was at the end of February. Then they chose the main brain carrier network. The abnormal operation is performed on the endovascular route, that is, by the proximity of the thigh to the inside of the femur.
With the help of high-performance numerical analysis and three-dimensional modeling of the interventions in Hungary, the twins have the potential to accurately conceive. This operation was performed on August 19th by one of the world's most renowned neuro-interventionists, István Hudákk in Bangladesh - detailed by the organization, who has been conducting a plastic restoration in Bangladesh since 2010.
The statute drew attention to the fact that even in the case of the Siamese twins, cases occur only in the range of 2 to 6 per cent in order to have a female skull. The problem can be solved with extremely difficult, carefully planned procedures.The procedure applied by the Hungarian medical team can open new pathways in the treatment of cerebral diseases, tumors and twins in the body.
  • Sibi twins: a rare occurrence
  • Only Hungarian doctors engaged in the selection of Siamese twins
  • Csуkay: There is no alternative to losing one child


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