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Allergy, asthma on the nape

Allergy, asthma on the nape

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If you have an allergic, asthmatic child in the family, you are sure to start with a little medicine, a lot of experience and some anxiety in your sleeve.

Unpleasant symptoms

In the summer, a number of plants that cause many allergic symptoms flourish, so nowadays they are increasingly reluctant to cope with the symptoms of blooming that persist from spring to autumn.
- It can be a particular problem when nasal congestion at night makes it difficult to sleep sound, so the child often wakes up more tiredly, even during the day - he explains dr. Csaba Vбrhegyi, the Children's Allergy Center of the Buda Allergy Center.
- In addition to lung cancer, asthma symptoms are also common in the summer, which in this case are also pollen and other allergies (eg mold fungus), so we need to be more alert to the appropriate treatment for the child suffering from the symptoms. Allergic asthma is more likely to present in the summer with symptoms such as typical wheezing, shortness of breath, and tightness of the chest.

Take special care of your allergic, asthmatic child in summer!

Not to be wrong!

With proper drug treatment and regular specialist supervision, no child with blunting or asthma should be deprived of the pleasure of playing outdoors. However, safe and quiet shutdowns require careful and careful preparation by parents.
It is important that you use your prescription medication regularly and in the proper dosage. These drugs should always be carefully prepared, especially if we are going for longer distances and longer holidays. Before traveling, see your child's doctor and make sure you have enough medicine for your vacation. Over-the-counter medications also seek advice from the physician regarding other conditions associated with the holiday.

Mountain, beach or country holiday

When choosing your vacation time and location, consider the time when the allergenic plant is blooming, which causes the most symptoms. With the help of pollen calendars we can choose the time that is relatively absent from it, so that relaxation will be less disturbed then allergic symptoms.
If possible, choose a beach holiday destination. Mediterranean plants are very different from native plants, so as there is no allergenic load, the intensity of allergic symptoms is reduced. Seashore cool air therefore plays an important role in improving both asthma and allergic symptoms.
When on a holiday in the country, it is worth trying the ski cabotherapy that is available at most wellness hotels, so you can enjoy the artificial variations of natural caves - a fun and rewarding experience.
After the noisy world of big cities, many of us would enjoy the relaxing effects of clean country air and tranquility. Note, however, that the pollen concentration level varies greatly in some countries and may be higher than that of other fields.
The mountain environment not only offers great opportunities for hiking and sports, but its clear air greatly contributes to the improvement of allergy and asthma patients. Because of the height, the concentration of the contamination and the concentration of the allergies are reduced. During your mountain vacation, it is worth a visit to a nearby cave so you can spend a few hours in an allergy-free environment. The low temperature in the caves does not favor the growth of bacteria or viruses.

No matter what you eat!

More so, one can observe that their allergic complaints are intensifying even when there is no indication that the allergen concentration is elevated in the environment. In the background of this, cross-allergy is often present. In some cases, the chemical structure difference is so small that the immune system, especially if it is already very sensitive to one of the substances, cannot make a difference.
Therefore, caution should be exercised in the treatment of ragweed allergies when eating watermelons, melons, tomatoes and cucumbers. The cross-reactivity of pollen to food is not common in all patients; it occurs below 10 percent in allergies. It is only necessary to ban a child from the above foods if they have previously caused multiple complaints: oral itching, swelling of the lip, tongue or pharynx or abdominal cramps.

Out in the open!

For children with asthma, asthma, do not organize an outdoor program in the morning (between 5 and 10 o'clock) as the concentration of pollen is highest during this period. Keep an eye on the changes in the weather. Pay attention to all factors that can cause asthma attacks, such as increased ozone concentration, temperature, pressure and humidity changes, and strong winds. Walking, hiking, golf, springboarding or gymnastics all belong to the sports recommended for asthma, and these factors can be taken into consideration during your vacation. During asthma holiday, be aware that in addition to pollens, some external factors can provoke unexpected seizures. Therefore, avoid smoking areas and carefully place the evening campfire away from children. After outdoor activities, we can remove pollen from our hair every night to prevent it from worsening the allergic and asthma symptoms by sticking it in the spleen at night.
Baby Room: Our own experiences with asthmatic children when it came to good air, and in a bad case, fell ill, at best it was only a serious attack, a night of harrowing, a stuffy wooden house in the kid's house, a horse farm, a lot in the neighborhood, . We know you can't do everything. The real lesson is that you should not leave medicine at home, even if your child is asymptomatic and is well on his way for months!