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Vaccination or life threatening?

Vaccination or life threatening?

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If you are expecting a baby, the flu can be especially dangerous for you. Let's take a break from the mid-life beliefs to decide whether to vaccinate yourself or to skip it.

I have heard that you should not receive an influenza vaccine.

On the contrary! According to the guidelines of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, women who are pregnant are among the first to be immunized against the New Flu. According to international data, 7 to 10 percent of new influenza patients in hospital need a second-to-third pregnant mother. According to World Health Organization data, they are at tenfold the risk of needing intensive care. In Hungary, five women were treated in intensive care units at the end of November and two died in early December. They didn't get the vaccine. At the same time, it has not happened that domestic vaccine has had a serious side effect in recent decades, apart from some leather. Neither of these two risks can be compared.

My childbirth and my home doctor have dropped off the H1N1 vaccine, and I found it unnecessary.

. Does your doctor have the responsibility of denying you a vaccine that can save up to two lives and is recommended by every professional forum? It is the responsibility of every parent to inform his or her expectant mothers about the risks of the flu and the possibility of vaccination. If you are not vaccinated, your personal risk far outweighs the need for protection.

She is worried that the vaccine may infect the fetus.

This is an unfounded concern! The virus in the vaccine is not infectious. However, if your mother is vaccinated, the antibodies that produce this effect will be protected after the baby is born, so you may want to give yourself the vaccine twice. If you are vaccinated during breastfeeding, the antibodies will also appear in breast milk and will provide some protection for the baby. If you are planning a kid in the near future, the best thing you can do is to pre-vaccinate yourself.

I'm healthy, why is this for me?

It would be a mistake if you were to make it yourself. A new influenza virus, such as H1N1, is very likely to infect the majority of people sooner or later, since no one has a defense against it. In addition, international and domestic data show that, in the case of a new virus, not only common risk groups, but also healthy healthy people are affected. Vaccination is a simple way to protect yourself and the lives of those around you. You don't know how serious the disease would be.

So I know I can be sorry for that vaccine.

This vaccine is no different in manufacturing technology and ingredients from the home-made flu vaccine that has been used reliably for years, at most, in that it protects against another strain of the virus. No serious illness or sin associated with vaccination has occurred so far in the use of the vaccine. Serious events occurring in non-vaccinated patients are much more likely to develop.

In recent months I have had flu, so I don't need to be vaccinated.

If an antibody test confirms that you are actually defending against the very current flu virus, it is unnecessary. However, if you can't make sure of it, you don't want to do it if you are vaccinating yourself for safety.
What should I do if my doctor doesn't want to give us the free vaccine? Neither your home doctor nor your concubine may refuse vaccination. If you do so, you will be in violation of current professional recommendations and may file a complaint with the BNTSZ, which will provide professional oversight. On the BNTSZ website, you can check out the locations of the vaccines, including some that provide free vaccines to those who qualify.

Our specialist, Prof. dr. Michael Miklos points out:

Of course, I would recommend flu vaccination to all quests, and the College of Vocational Education, the World Health Organization, and the European Law Society also explicitly recommend it. There is no bad vaccine that is worse than the disease you are protecting against. In the case of small children, this is even more true because of the increased risk.